Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines


Never make the mistake of thinking that the average consumer loves getting email from marketing people. Most readers open their inbox with the clicker poised over the “delete” button, actively seeking out emails that can be deleted without ever even opening them. Make sure that your mail is not in that “ditch list” and that they at least get opened, with a better-than-average chance of actually making a sale from the content you have carefully crafted. Keep reading some tips that will help you write attention-grabbing headlines that keep you the email marketing game.

The very first thing people see when scanning which emails are available to read in their inbox is the subject line. Never leave this empty, for any reason. Empty subject lines are the first ones that get deleted, mainly due to the fact that readers are afraid of spam viruses and privacy violations. Let them know from the very beginning what kind of content they can expect. Make it compelling enough to raise curiosity, but not revealing enough for them to make an uninformed decision about what may be inside. Be clear, but don’t give away your offers completely.

Pay attention to well-known phrases and refrain from using them. Not only have many of them become cliches, but they also can make readers wary of a heavy sales pitch. Certain words are also triggers for spam and will cause your mail to get filtered into a spam inbox. Most people never even check their spam box, and if they do, they simply hit “delete all” after a very brief glance. Avoid words such as “sale” or “deals.” Even if you are indeed offering a special discount, think of creative ways to say it.

Keep it short and sweet, no matter how great you think your message is. Remember that you are likely the only one with a strong passion for your products or services. Your business is just a tiny part of their lives, regardless of what you are selling. It is your job to make it more pertinent, but writing excessive content is not the way to do that. A really long email will make customers groan and click out before they even see what you are offering. Make subject lines concise, and make the content inside engaging yet brief.

If your email does have a need to be longer than usual for some reason, then at least break it up with headers and white space between paragraphs. Consider using bold, italics and even varying font colors. Insert some graphics or photos, but keep the file sizes very small. You do not want your emails to open slowly. This does not mean that you should use any special characters or typefaces in your subject lines, though. Keep them standard and use your word choices to draw readers in.

Use these ideas to ensure that your emails are the ones that are left standing when the deleting is over. Write compelling subject lines, then follow up with content that pops off the page.

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