Aspects That Affect Search Engine Rankings


Search engine rankings are affected by a number of different aspects. These are most commonly the keyword density, the frequency of use, the prominence and also the proximity. If you are unfamiliar with these terms and the role that they play in the ranking of websites, then take a moment to read through the following article and I will explain the difference between each of them.

Let’s start by taking a look at keyword density. Keyword density refers to the percentage (or ratio) of the keywords that are within the total amount of index words for a web page. The ideal keyword density ratio should be approximately 2 to 8 percent. Please note that the keyword density ratio tends to vary between the different search engines. If you want to improve your search engine rankings and optimize your website’s keyword density ratio, then you will need to locate a suitable keyword analysis tool, many of which can be found on the internet for free.

Another aspect that needs considering carefully is the keyword frequency. This refers to the amount of times that a keyword or a phrase is used within a particular web page. Typically the greater the amount of keywords and phrases that are used upon a web page, the more likely the search engine will suggest the site when searches are carried out for particular keywords. As a general rule I suggest that you use the most important keywords and phrases as frequently as possible on your website or web page. It is important to point out that you need to be careful that you do not break the code of ethics by reusing the same keyword or even keyword phrase too much. If you over use these then you could jeopardise your search engine rankings.

Two other important aspects that affect the search engine rankings are the keyword prominence and also the keyword proximity. The term keyword prominence refers to the prominence of a keyword within the page. As a rule we suggest that you place the most important keywords at the top of a web page or at the start of a sentence. They should also be used at the start of a TITLE and in your META tags. The proximity of the keywords is essentially the closeness of the keywords that are being used. As a rule, the closer the keywords, the better.

Through following the advice listed above, you will be able to boost your search engine rankings and ensure that your site ranks highly in the search engine rankings.

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