Article Marketing: Better For Traffic Short-Term Or Long-Term?


Article marketing to generate traffic for your website is fairly straight forward. The first step is to generate good quality articles; and this means an article that has good information for the reader. These articles have good content, meaning they have information that a reader can use or educates them in some way; the type of article that people will want to link to from other sites and blogs.

Once you have composed a good article, the second step is to decide what to do with it. There are two basic ways to distribute your article after it is written; the first is to post it directly on your website, and the second to distribute your article in various places other than your site. In general you have to be careful not to post the article to more than one site as search engines do not like duplicate listings or postings of any type. Therefore, the choice is between posting to your site or posting to another site.

If you choose to post your article to your own site and people read your article, they may link to it from their website or blog. These one way links are referred to as backlinks and are the foundation of page ranking as well as a strong influence on search engine results. The higher the ranking of the website linking to your article the higher quality the backlink is considered to be. This in turn will increase the ranking of your site. In the long run, this is the most powerful way to place high in search engine results. Having quality backlinks means having quality content and this leads to search engines placing an emphasis on your site in search results.

The second way is to distribute your article by posting it to another site. In this situation you will be providing a link to your site. This can be an effective way to get people to your site; provided that the site you are listing your article on gets a lot of quality traffic. This is a strong factor to consider if your website does not get much traffic. Simply post your article to a site that does get lots of traffic and this is turn will drive people to your site. Keep in mind that your article must have a link to your website.

When posting articles to your own website you are taking a long view in traffic generation; posting articles to another site is more of a short term view. The best approach to article marketing, in this writer’s opinion, is to take a combined approach. Post articles on your site and at other sites with an emphasis on posting outside of your own site in the beginning. As time goes by you can shift the emphasis away from external sites to your own website as your traffic flow increases.

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