Article Marketing – 7 Tips To Increase Your Article Marketing Effectiveness


1. Write articles that will be relevant for a long time

iPhones, cellphones and computers change at lightning speeds. Writing an article about a specific brand or type will quickly become irrelevant. Instead, write articles that will not become obsolete.

2. Write about what you know

If you will be writing an article about a subject you know nothing about, it will show. Instead, do some research first to familiarize yourself with the lingo, new technologies, etc.

3. Write in small chunks

Paragraphs should be kept small because they are much easier to read. Large paragraphs tend to cause the reader to skim and skip over the information.

4. Write how you speak

Don’t try to write using words and phrases you don’t normally use. Doing so will cause you to sit and contemplate what you will say, how you will say it, and how the sentence should be structured to sound perfect. This is a big cause of writer’s block and is unnecessary. Writing how you speak comes much more naturally and will allow you to overcome writer’s block.

5. Be sure your grammar is correct and everything is spelled correctly

One thing that will turn readers off and reduce your effectiveness in communicating is using the wrong words and spelling errors. Grammar and spelling errors are easily corrected and avoided if using programs such as Microsoft Word and others that alert you to them.

If you are using a program that does not correct mistakes, take the time to create a document with your most common spelling errors and the correct spelling. Either print it out and post it close by or open it as you write; referencing it as you go.

6. Have a link to your website in the article

To gain more readers and traffic to your website, always have a link in the article body (if allowed) to your website or social media page. If a link in the article itself is not allowed, a link in your authors resource box is suggested.

If no links whatsoever are allowed, write out the url so the readers can find you.

7. Give great advice

Your article should contain good information that your reader finds useful. In fact, the more information and value you give, the more likely your article will be shared. Of course don’t give away AL your information in one article, instead, focus on one specific topic related to your information and write an article about that particular topic. Doing so will result in multiple articles relating to your overall subject.

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