Are You Deploying Smart Email Marketing Strategies? – How To Build Your List On Auto Pilot!


Are you using smart email marketing tactics in your list building campaigns?

The phrase “smart email marketing” was coined from the marketers who seemed to be able to build their lists effortlessly no matter what niche they were in.

Kind of corresponds to the phrase “work smarter, not harder.”

Have you ever wondered how they seem to grow their effortlessly?

I know, I remember I used to think it was all a big conspiracy and that it would be impossible to grow a six figure list.

However, turns out these are ordinary folk who are just great marketers and using a secret email marketing tactic.

Want to know what that secret is?

Formidable sales funnel + Affiliates = Long term profits and a huge list.

You see, this truly is smart marketing at its best. The savvy marketer who grows their list exponentially in any niche simply deploys a formidable sales funnel that generates a high visitor value.

Having a high visitor value will not only increase your profits, but it will also attract affiliates into your funnel.

Having an affiliate program is also another core component of generating new leads into your sales funnel on auto pilot.

This sales funnel will naturally have affiliates wanting to promote for you as they can expect a good return on the traffic they send to you.

Now here’s a little secret that will have your affiliates promoting you like crazy, yet it’s so simple!

You see the best way to build your list on auto-pilot is to have others sending traffic to your site. This way you can follow up in the back end of your sales funnel and further promote to your prospects.

The key is to pay your affiliates on the back end of your sales funnel as well as the front end where the initial sale is made.

This means your same affiliate will get paid on each sale made to the prospect on the front end and back end of your sales funnel.

Affiliates love this. Traffic is their lifeline and they want to extract as much value per visitor they send to a promotion as possible.

This will ensure they promote your products and recommend your program to their friends. The more affiliates promoting for you, means more brand awareness.

Setting up affiliate programs is straight forward and can be outsourced if your not very techie or not very familiar with HTML or PHP.

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