Are Solo Ads A Waste Of Time And Money?


In the internet marketing industry a solo ad is where your marketing sales message is emailed by a list owner to a predetermined number of people on the owner’s list. Your message is sent on its own, that’s what it’s called a solo ad.

Within the email you will have a link to your squeeze page or website and the objective is that the reader will respond to your offer or opt into your list. The list owner will guarantee that your squeeze page or website will receive a certain number visits.These visits do not guarantee that people will opt into your list or buy from you.

Are Internet Marketing Solo Ads A Waste Of Tine?

Internet marketing solo ads are a popular method for online marketers to develop their customer lists. But some online marketers think that they are now a waste of time. They say that the people on the lists are just looking for freebies and have no intention of ever buying anything and your time and money is wasted in getting them to respond to your offer.

To some degree this is true. Just like badly targeted direct mail is viewed as junk mail, badly targeted emails are the same. Cheap solo ads will only provide you with access to a cheap audience. However, buying from reputable sellers will get you prospects and buying customers. But to find these, you have to do your research first.

Target Your Audience

Before buying solo ads, check with the seller that the people on his or her list are interested in the type of products or services that you are promoting. Verify when the last time an offer was sent to the list, how often the list is emailed and if people on the list have actually ever purchased anything.

Is The Solo Ad Supplier Reputable?

Be sure when buying your solo campaign that you buy it from a trustworthy supplier. You are paying somebody who has promised you a certain number of people will read your email message, but will they really deliver? To avoid problems, find testimonials from other online marketers who have used the solo ad supplier and look into his online reputation.

Are The Audience Receptive?

Check that the seller’s list is not emailed day in, day out. If a list owner cannot provide details on mailing frequency, look elsewhere. They probably lack the control, technical expertise, and reporting basics. Also check how often new names are added to the list as newer names offer access to new subscribers and the seller is not just sending offers to the same people all the time.

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