Are Search Engines And Social Online Networks Driving Forces In The March Towards Socialism?


As a strong individual with high self-esteem, self-confidence, and earned ego, and as an American the march towards socialism in the United States is bothersome to me personally. There are a few reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest reason is my experience and observations of being a free-market capitalist entrepreneur. Once you participate in free markets, and you see how they work, you see the brilliance of the strategy, and why it is so innate for human beings to run their affairs this way. Okay so let’s talk.

Some intellectuals in academia who have never participated in the free-market reason that human beings are social animals, and have built-in empathy, and therefore the best human beings with these attributes are those who would wish to get together and work together to help the common good, and allocate resources and spread them out over the entire society. This concept of redistribution might sound sexy and it might sound as if it is the right thing to do. It might even be considered “hope and change” which is needed for the future of humanity. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Should we condemn those that push America towards socialism? I don’t believe so because “they know not what they do” as they perhaps have never experienced what I have, therefore they don’t know the truth, we can’t fault them for that, rather we should be more concerned with the academic brainwashing, and the agenda based socialist intellectuals who have infiltrated every aspect of our bureaucracy to move mountains to destroy free-market capitalism in trade for this other socio-economic concept which has never worked in any civilization or society in the history of humanity.

Oh sure, you can cite examples in history where it has worked for a period of time, but it always crashes and burns, and is forced to start over again. Now then, I would like to discuss something more serious going on and it has to do with the Internet. No, I’m not saying that the Internet is a socialist plot against free-market capitalism, but I would submit to you that many of the folks who are computer scientists who’ve come from academia believe in centralized control, and are willing to slightly modify search engine results and social networks in such a way that pushes the agenda of socialism even further.

Now then, you might call me under the carpet for suggesting some sort of conspiracy theory. That’s not what I’m suggesting at all rather I am suggesting that there is a disproportionate number of computer scientists and entrepreneurs working in the great American companies involved in social networking and search engines on the Internet who are socialist leaning. That’s a travesty, because inadvertently just a few tweaks of the search engine, or a few modifications of how information is processed and distributed in social networks is enough to change the balance, increasing the number of socialist left-leaning individuals in our society.

Trust me when I tell you, it’s not a good thing to be leaning this way, as we are going to destroy the productivity and efficiency which has brought incredible abundance to our society through free-market capitalism. It truly has made our nation the greatest in the world and we need not follow Europe or other socialist nations into the abyss and sinkhole of economic collapse. So where are the academic studies when we need them? Well, you shouldn’t expect our socialist driven academia to produce research papers pointing out their own flaws.

Therefore, I guess I’m the only one talking about this on the whole Internet. Do you think the search engines will give a fair shake to this alternate opinion? I bet not. And if not who will speak for the future of free-market capitalism and the greatness that has built our nation? Most likely it will not be the purveyors of online social networks, or those tweaking the algorithms for today’s search engines. What a shame. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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