Are Opt in Boxes Safe?


Signing up for websites has always been a nuisance. I’m sure you’ve been to a website which you’ve been required to register to use. The more information they require, the more you’re put off signing up at all.

If you run a website, which requires your users to sign up, you will have experienced this frustration many times over. When people are faced with filling in details bounce rates go through the roof. From forums to squeeze pages.

What can you do?

Your users don’t actually have to fill in any forms on your site for you to get their details. You can use buttons on your site which pull the data from other services.a

Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and Google, among others have offered an alternative method for signing up to websites. If you’re already signed up to one of those services then you can sign up to other services with a click of a button.

By far my favourite of the services mentioned above is the Facebook connect opt in button. In fact, using a Facebook opt in button with a squeeze page can be extremely effective.

Here’s why…

Many of your visitors are put off by the inconvenience of signing up. Even the visitors who do take the time to fill out their details often make mistakes.

When you’re paying for traffic to your website it is very costly for your business if visitors you paid for aren’t completing the goals you want them to. If the reason is a usability issue then you should do everything you can to make your site more user-friendly. Visitors are interested in what you’re offering but the inconvenience has lead them to leave.

I use the Facebook connect button to get opt ins with my squeeze pages. You would think this would be detrimental to your conversion rate as not everyone is on Facebook. The fact is though, Facebook has become so ubiquitous, that along with the added convenience, this method converts better. Of course not everyone is on Facebook, which means you will exclude some visitors from ever signing up to your site. We can’t expect to get everyone to sign up though, we just want to get as many as we can.

A good idea is to drive your traffic from Facebook itself with Facebook ads or Pages. This way you guarantee your visitors will be able to sign up to your site.

Even for just regular traffic though this method converts better, and the conversions are of better quality. If you have a form which people have to fill out, then they make mistakes or they put in fake contact details. A way you can keep your list clear of invalid details is to get people to confirm their details, by clicking a link you send them in an email. This however adds to the inconvenience and affects the amount of sign ups you get.

Even with the confirmed emails can get fake details. People set up accounts just for signing up to free offers. Obviously they never check these accounts, apart from when they need to confirm an email. So any sort of communication you want to send them is wasted.

If you use a Facebook opt in button then you get the email address which they use with Facebook. This is going to be their primary email address. Any extra information which you need such as their name will be from Facebook too. So you get more conversions and a more responsive list.

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