Are Baby Boomers Finally Starting to Accept Search Engine Marketing?


Search Engine Optimization is now for Everyone

While previously, SEO was only known by a few and accepted by even fewer, the practice has now gone mainstream. A large part of this comes from Google’s openness about the topic. They have even gone as far as creating an SEO starter guide for people with no knowledge on the subject. SEO brings companies so much traffic. And not just general traffic but targeted traffic: all companies now need to have an SEO strategy and SEO expert on hand to compete in the online space. Because of this, older generations who want to be involved in online business, and pretty much all businesses need an online component in today’s world, have to accept and embrace search engine optimization.

What was holding Older Generations Back?

The big question is, “What took so long?!” Personally, I feel that online marketing is contradictory to everything that older generations were brought up to believe. A decade ago, there was nothing more valuable than relationship building, handshakes and quality character. The main way to support these entities was to engage in in-person circumstances. You know what I’m talking about, right? Dinners, events, face-to-face meetings, etc. While those same principals are dire in business today too, people simply do not have the time when selecting vendors. In-person meetings are almost discouraged, people simply do not have the time, and they now gauge the value of your business based on how well you have developed your online marketing materials, online reviews, and your presentation abilities. It has taken the older generation a long time to accept this change. To accept the idea that these formalized interactions and in-person business acquisition skills are fading. Trust me, I am a people person and understand they are still VERY valuable and will never completely disappear, but each business needs to have the ability to introduce themselves online as well, this is what everyone is starting to understand.

Everyone needs to know Online Marketing Now

At this point, all business owners need to have a basic search engine marketing plan, which is dictated as a result of budget. Like it or not, much of the world now lives most of its life online. Mashable recently came out with a report on 5 predictions for small businesses in 2011. Here are some of the findings:

“Next year will be marked with increased spending on website development, lifting small business sites from their current iterations as online brochures to more prominent positions as useful resources for customers.”

“In 2011, the Smartphone revolution will continue to ensue, with ever increasing Smartphone adoption. Mobile devices will continue to change the way that companies of all sizes do business.”

“While only 30% of small business websites currently incorporate e-commerce abilities, the increased buzz around online and social shopping will probably push more small business owners to experiment with the medium in 2011.”

As the world further integrates with the internet, it is important that businesses do the same. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, applications, online public relations, excellent copy and design are all vital to being recognized as quality online business. The older generation is now recognizing this, the younger generation already knows this: looks like we’ll be meeting to do business online in the future.

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