An Update On Ralph


In January I wrote you a story about Ralph my hairdresser.

The subject line was:

“Don’t Make This Mistake In Your Business Ralph Made.”

It was about Ralph not having any contact details of his clients and the catastrophic event which he found himself in.

To recollect, this is what happened to Ralph.

“Mate I am in a mess.” He immediately pronounced.

“The clothing store told me yesterday they are not renewing their lease. The protracted renovations will affect sales so they are out of here. I have only a week to find another shop to go to.”

Well, today I visited Ralph in his new digs.

Ralph is leasing a chair in a female hair salon, close to his home and luckily close to me.

Ralph was all a buzz when I pulled up in my car. He met me at the front door and greeted me like I was the Easter Bunny to a bunch of five-year old kids.

The salon was not a large salon by any means with four chairs and Ralph’s. But there is a nice feel and vibe to it. Quiet, yet friendly.

Ralph ushered me to ‘his chair’ and had a smile on his dial that would have made the Joker proud. It was broad, wide and his eyes were as a large as a dead fish.

I sensed Ralph was happy to see me.

“Mate!” he said. “I am so glad you came. It’s been quiet here but things will improve. I just know it.”

“Have you been contacting people letting you know where you are Ralph?” I hesitantly inquired because I think I know the answer already.

“Oh, there is a sign on the old shop letting people know I am here, that should do.” He bravely answered.

As Ralph proceeded to cut my hair he whispered, “I can’t tell any dirty jokes now though. The ladies in the salon complain.”

I was feeling a little awkward for Ralph. He was forced out of his last salon, forced to keep his jokes to himself and had an obvious silent despair about him.

I kept thinking back to him being in business for twenty-five years and not obtaining customer contact details. He just thought business would always be there.

Ralph and I did have a yarn about footy, politics and all other banter associated with being in a a third of a metre from each other for the time it takes to cut a fifty-year old’s hair.

It was nice to hear his voice again, although the gags were missing.

When it was time to pay Ralph walked me passed the other full chairs with people exchanging pleasantries.

He took my money, opened up his receipt book and promptly wrote down the fee. I could see I was only his second client for the day.

Ralph then said in a little naughty-boy voice, “Mate did you here the one about… “

I could see a glimpse of the old Ralph again.

I hope more of his old clients do too… he needs their patronage.

I’ll keep you informed in a few months.

Meanwhile, make sure you grab the contact details of your customers!

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