An Online Guide to Email Marketing


Email marketing can do wonders to the sales of a business. It enables businesses to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort in real quick manner. It involves sending marketing messages through email. According to a report, more than 90% marketers use email-marketing method to reach their target/potential customers. Since e-marketing does not target a limited geographical area, it enables businesses to reach a worldwide audience. Although businesses can reach an audience of large magnitude with other marketing methods but email-marketing is the easiest and the most inexpensive method. Besides, other marketing methods to spread the message of a business are more complicated as well as require an intense coordination effort.

Inexpensive method of advertising

Unlike other marketing methods such as television advertisements, radio advertisements and advertisements in print media, email-marketing is a very inexpensive way advertise and market a business. What makes this method very popular option for marketers is the fact that it allows businesses to deliver their messages around the clock.

Content and layout of promotional emails

The content of the emails that are sent to different internet users is highly significant. To create great content, you would need the services of highly talented content writers. Once the content for the emails is ready, all you need to do is to send the emails to an available long list of email IDs of the users.

Email marketing: group emails and e-newsletters

Most of the businesses prefer to send out group emails with product information and other promotional materials. Businesses also use another way to approach the concept of email-marketing by getting created their e-newsletters and send them to interested email recipients.

Why e-newsletter is more effective than a promotional email?

An e-newsletter contains more details and more information than a promotional email. It may include one long depth article and some shorter articles. On one hand, these articles offer useful tips or review products; on the other hand, they include graphics, advertising and links to increase the internet traffic of a site.

Email marketing campaigns

Email-marketing campaigns can be very effective for niche marketing. In niche marketing, a specific subject is focused and discussed in detail to provide the users with detailed information of that particular subject.

Email marketing is a very cost effective method of advertising for a business. When a business chooses email-marketing for advertisement, it would need to invest some money by hiring some professionals such as talented content writers and graphic designers. The writers create high quality content and the graphic designers develop attractive layouts for the promotional emails of the business.

When a business goes for advertising methods like television commercials to reach the public, it would have to pay a lot of fees and purchase advertising space which can be very costly. But there is virtually no cost associated with e-marketing in comparison with the television commercials. In simple words, e-marketing method has the two cost-effective requirements; hiring employees (content writers and graphic designers) and maintaining an Internet connection. In case, you are not satisfied with the performance of your e-marketing professionals, you have the option to hire an outsourcing company that offer email marketing services.

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