An Introduction to Email Marketing


The most stable and long term revenue generating strategy that exists on the internet today, is email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

Collecting email addresses from people who visit your online space in exchange for something is what’s known as email marketing. The purpose of this strategy is to give a visitor to your website a free gift in exchange for their personal details. You can offer anything really, but it’s best to give them something of value. A video course, eBook and/or a weekly newsletter can be enough to “squeeze” an email address out of a visitor to your site.

The beauty about marketing your business in this way is that you are given “permission” to contact these people to offer your products. Contrast this approach to what people are used to each day, which is “interruption” marketing, where you are forced to sit through advertisements without much consent from yourself. Everywhere we look these days we are being interrupted with advertising, and people are being programmed to tune all this B.S out. The beauty about permission marketing is that you are giving your prospect a choice as to whether they want to listen to you or not. If they like what you have to offer, then marketing to these people becomes a whole lot easier.

Why Email Marketing?

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, email marketing gives you the opportunity to repeatedly market to a prospect, over and over again, potentially for the rest of their lives in some cases. All you had to do was give them a valuable free gift in exchange for their contact information. Instead of paying for advertisements over and over again, you only have to get that initial subscription and you have permission to market to that person for FREE.

How Email Marketing Works:

Email marketing is actually quite simple when we break it down. It looks something like this…

1) You get permission from a person to join your mailing list in exchange for a valuable gift (eBook, training course, newsletter etc)

2) They give you their personal information by entering their email address, name and/or phone number into a form situated on your website.

3) You then send them information related to their interests and ultimately get to promote your business opportunities.

As long as you provide valuable information that helps your prospects, you will have permission to contact them over and over again for as long as your relationship stays strong and has been built on trust. You have multiple chances of promotion which you cannot get through traditional advertising.

The Basic Flow of Email Marketing:

Visitor lands on your website ==>> They give you permission to contact them in exchange for a something of value ==>> They join your mailing list ==>> You send them information & promotions ==>> You earn money from your promotions.

3 Factors That Contribute to Effective Email Marketing:


Unlike many other forms of advertising and marketing, this approach is very cool in that you only have to pay for a lead once to get the opportunity to market to them over and over again, for free. Whatever the cost (time or money) it took t get them onto your list, you will be paid back tenfold over the course of your relationship with these people.


We can promote and make money within any niche, but the beauty of email marketing is you can cross promote relevant products continuously because you have an ongoing communication with your prospects. If you have a prospect on your list that is interested in weight loss, you can also promote gym equipment, physical products like the “George foreman” grill, and any other products remotely related to weight loss and general health.


Once you have leads (prospects) coming into your system, you can set up a funnel that sells your products on autopilot. With the technology we have at our fingertips today like autoresponders, we can set up an email campaign to go out to our list automatically. All you have to do is set it, and forget it. Now and then you can send a broadcast message to your list for any immediate updates you feel they should know about.

So, there you have it, the basics of email marketing. I hope you can see the benefit in setting up such a system and how important it can be for your business.

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