An E-Commerce Study – Guidelines for Better Navigation


Hello! Are you a beginner? And are you trying to build an e-commerce website? If it is so then store it at the back of your mind that your site must be search engine and user friendly to give you a robust online presence. It should also be perfectly pleasing as well as functional. If you have to build up a flawless site then go for your own experience when you visit a site and try to make it as much usable as possible. What actually do you like? Would you ever like to buy anything which will make you go through at least 20 options or would you opt for something which you would find out in one click?

Excessive linking and searching is very much disturbing to buyers. Be very sure to make the options clear and try to use only one or two word labels that will be absolutely transparent and clear in leading the buyer to the destined search. Use trendy as well as fashionable keywords which will strictly adhere to the topic upon which you design your site. Think cleverly about the demands and needs of the customers and accordingly design a site which will enrich the shopping experience of your customers. Your e-commerce web site should pull your customers again and again to you and when it happens you can be confident about your success. Nothing else is more embarrassing to users if they are unable to make purchases and at the same time face difficulties in finding out the cause for it. Make your error messages as clear as possible and use highlighted colors and indicators. You should always remember that mobile users are not going to return to your site if it takes too much time to load. Beware of the fact that an increase of even a second in the loading time of your site might affect the conversion rates hugely. Upgradation of the search features of your site is also necessary so that when a potential buyer or prospective client is searching something in your site then all the available options must be displayed to provide the user with an engrossing search experience.

Finally it can be concluded that a good e-commerce website with proper and absolutely easy navigation features, user friendly options, varied shopping categories to choose from and last but not the least within the budget and time saving features will obviously make the crowds flock to your site. If you can keep meeting all the demands of your visitors and go on providing them with always something new then you can soar above the clouds riding your e-commerce vehicle.

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