Amplify Your Online Network Marketing Results: Use Blogging, Social Media and E-Mail Combo Strategy


Get Maximum Power from Minimum Effort Using 3-Phase Integrated Circuit of Blogging, Social Media and Email to Boost Your MLM Network Marketing

The emergence of social media marketing ushered in a revolutionary paradigm of e-commerce. Based on Web 2.0 technology and its many forms of applications, it allows instant interaction between the online network marketing agent and the website browser (prospect, client or other interested or curious person), enabling the visitor to contribute to blogging and other content of the website. The visitor can comment or inquire, provide information about his identity or circumstances, make payment, respond to an offer of a product or business opportunity. Coupled with an automated logical email marketing sequence to further engage the customer after the customer has expressed interest makes MLM network marketing highly amenable to online presence.

Thus, a dynamic link between a business and its client base is possible in real time: a leap-frog in the possibilities to target and satisfy specific needs of the market. This has enormous advantages for MLM network marketing. Creating an actionable contact between a vendor and an interested prospect in cyber-space is what makes online MLM network marketing more effective than face-to-face contact, PR and a host of other traditional direct marketing approaches. The power of social media and email connectivity derives from the possible simultaneous reach of a large audience and likely boost of the audience re-broadcasting your message in the social media.

Let’s examine the overall scheme of network marketing and see how the synergy of integrated blogging, social media and email strategy more than proportionately stimulates your efforts than using each approach separately.

  1. The primary objective of a marketing website is for the business to attract and get found on the internet by quality traffic that is growing in size over time. You require a website with an optimal search engine strategy to attain high visibility and a design that has strong appeal to get and retain clients. You need to participate in and promote content on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, because of their vast global reach and addictive popularity among internet users. Of particular interest are mobile devices as carriers, especially “smart phones”, because of their rapidly growing capability and the intensity of their usage by a sizable proportion of the consumer market.
  2. To attract a large number of visitors you could create a blog to supplement your social media. Update it regularly with fresh ideas and information about the company activities. Promote your goods or MLM business opportunity. The website or blog can report events and trends in the economy and provide a forum of discussion by prospects and clients. Create connections with authorities and thought leaders in your type of business and market niche. Social media provide opportunities for you to promote your blog and website and their links. Visitors to your website or blog can direct their friends and followers to you, potentially a high value-added linkage.
  3. The ultimate purpose of the website is to convert the site traffic into viable leads. You create the landing page on which you pitch the prospect to actively take your offer of value at no cost and provide you with actionable information like their name and contact. Once the prospect or client opts-in to accept your offer of value or to take the MLM business opportunity or purchase your product or service, you then follow up with a “Thank you” email and a sequence of other automated emails which give more information about your business opportunity and other profitable back-end marketing offers.
  4. Having built a list of clients, which indeed is an investment asset, or even undecided prospects from landing pages, you are able to manage and send them messages which are individually sequenced, using automated emails, no matter how large the list. You are then able to continually engage your audience through a wider choice of communications like newsletters attached to or in the form of emails. The list can self-grow if the recipient of your email re-broadcasts your message. There is a ton of ways to trigger the process of perpetuation.
  5. It is necessary and prudent to evaluate your internet strategy periodically in order to determine its overall effectiveness or performance of its components, including assessment of marketing campaigns. Within Web 2.0, there are solutions of generic and specific applications to test and measure such effectiveness and performance, and enable you to analyze and refine your strategies. The bottom line is to determine what combination of approaches and at what level of investment particular media are optimal to create maximum profit for you.

It is clear that online MLM network marketing strategy, like electricity delivery, yields greater power on 3-phase than single phase configuration. You get more and better results of lead generation and recruiting clients by integrating blogging, social media and email. At the present time social media and automated email network marketing package tools are offered on separate application platforms. We will continue to bring you more information on development of these tools in our future blogs. Have a look around this site for other handy applications which can simplify your network marketing. Let us know if you have any questions or observations.

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