Affiliate Marketing Secrets – How I Get 6 Spots In Google Top 10 And Make $6991 A Day


Affiliate marketing is becoming easier every day. While the majority of people think it is getting more and more difficult. The opposite is true. With the birth of video sites and web 2.0 properties we can skyrocket our revenues by getting over 100x times more traffic to our landing pages. The days that article directories had monopoly positions are gone. That is the beautiful thing of the internet. You cannot stop evolution. In this article I will share a system, that if you implement it you will easy get top positions in Google allowing you to get more traffic to your website.
This method consists of using long tail micro niche keywords then use it to dominate the top 10 in Google. Lets get started.

Keyword Research
First we need to do keyword research. I will not go into much details explaining advanced tips and tricks. You just need to know the basics of keyword research. The goal is to find some long tail keywords located in micro niches. A very good example of such a keyword is: Pentax 2345 Digital Camera. This is a keyword which has low competition, you can check this out in the Google keyword tool. Spend some time on finding 10 long tail keywords that you think will work. I suggest to get at least 10 because you will have some competition.

Combine The Power Of Video Marketing
After you have your keywords. It is time to create a PowerPoint slide with some information about the product you are promoting and upload to the major video directories on the internet. I suggest you use Tube mogul to upload your videos. It is free and works like a charm. Tube Mogul allows uploading to more than 20 video sites on the internet.

Social Bookmarking
After you have submitted your videos, it is time to build backlinks to your videos. But remember. Google loves Web 2.0 properties. So you should be already ranking in for a couple of sites. I use Socialmarker bookmarking services to bookmark the video sites that I uploaded my content on.

That is it. That is the whole system. Within 24 hours when Google indexes your pages you will start to see traffic coming in like you never seen before. In my tests I have even hit top 6 Google spots.
It doesn’t have to be difficult you just need to work hard to reach your goals.

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