Advantages of Using Email Software in Bulk Mailing


Let me congratulate you on your decision of choosing email marketing services to promote your business.

You might have learned about email marketing on internet that it can attract customers easily. But even though it is a powerful way to convert leads into sales, it has also discouraged many people because of its time taking process. Recently a study has showed that people about 75% who used email marketing consumed at least 15 – 50 hours per week to handle it.

If you own a business then you’re a busy person and can’t afford to spend that much time to just send emails to your customers manually. Bulk mailing software can provide great assistance for those people who want to use mass mailing as tool of promotion, but don’t have too much time to spend on it. This software is developed with the intention to send a large number of personalized mails to too many targeted subscribers or visitors at once. Emails send through this application could be in many forms like newsletters, flyers, email announcements and more. It has become an important tool for generating demand among prospective customers. In fact this is the best possible means of communication with your targeted clients without annoying them.

You can use it to create and send either straight forward text or can create attractive influencing text to accomplish target. So that’s why I created this list of awesome advantages brought to you by Interspire the best bulk email software. You can purchase this software from any Email Service Provider. Here is the list of advantages:

1. It is easy to install and understand.

2. You get an opt-in form template which comes with full instructions so you can easily add it to your site.

3. It automatically stores every email contact and saves your precious time and headaches.

4. It provides facility to import and export your email address list files.

5. Autoresponder automatically sends welcome email to a new subscriber just moments after he opts in.

6. It gives you attractive looking templates to use for your newsletter so that it looks friendlier to your subscribers.

7. It allows user to personalized text in bulk email session.

8. Free built in spam checking keeps your e-mail safe from spam complaints blacklists or filters so that it doesn’t get trashed.

9. You can schedule your promotions so that you can go on your vacation without worrying about interrupting campaigns.

10. You can use as many autoresponders as you need, create as many campaigns as you wish.

11. It can mechanically delete all bounced mails from bulk mailing database.

12. Manage all features from a complete user-friendly control panel.

13. Email verifier keeps your list clean.

14. It enables you to track your email campaign’s response. You can track click through rate, open rate, bounce rate etc.

15. It can help in accurately organizing subscriptions and un-subscription requests.

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