Advantages of Using Email Marketing Software to Promote Your Events and Classes


The various marketing tools employed to promote a meeting/class play an important role in shaping its success. Companies spend millions of dollars on hiring experts to market their products and services properly. However, recently we are finding a number of organizations using email marketing software as a major way of promoting their events and activities online. And believe me; they are quite satisfied with this software’s performance.

Let’s find out, how far this email marketing software can really be helpful in marketing your events and festivals.

Cost-effective Tool for Event Planners and Class Coordinators

You can reduce your overhead costs to a significant extent once you start using an email marketing tool. For example, the cost of hiring a marketing expert is saved, as you can now market your activities online via emails and social networking sites. Hence, you can also save money on postage stamp and courier by adhering to emails.

Customize Event/Class Emails

Event organizers can change the email format as and when they need to. Often, you may feel like adding a new template to match in with your brand. You can not only customize it and make the necessary change, but also save that email template for future use.

Send Any Number of Mails in a Day

You can send any number of mails you like on a single day, depending on your business requirements. Moreover, you don’t have to write a mail for every attendee, as you can send a number of mails to specific interest groups simultaneously.

You Can Send Automated Invitations

Email marketing software offers you the scope of sending automated invitations, reminders, confirmations, and thank you mails before, during, and after an event or training program. You can schedule the time of sending these beforehand to automate the process.

Receive Instant Confirmation

Using the online process helps you to send instant mails and receive immediate confirmations when they reach the recipients. Hence, the online email marketing software eliminates the need of waiting for hours to get confirmation through post.

Send Back Links of Your Business/Institute Website

You can add your company or institute website link with each email that is ready to be sent. It is indeed a smart way of drawing the attention of your target audience toward the link. There is a chance of at least a half of the recipients clicking on the website link to check your event/class-related news and updates.

Track the Status of Your Events and Classes

You can easily track the registration and payment status of every event or class by using the email marketing software. You can also track the confirmation status for everyone on your invitation list and send follow-up emails accordingly.

Write Engaging Emails Conveniently

You can conveniently script emails using the in-built HTML editor that comes integrated with the email marketing software.The Software Complies with the Federal CAN SPAM Law.This email software complies with the Federal CAN SPAM law to reduce your email liability. Hence, you don’t have to worry about delivering spam mails or being caught in spam filters.

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