Advanced Steps To Discovering Buyers Needs


When people are receiving emails from you on a consistent basis, it’s important that you discover their needs so you know how to better help them. If you don’t know how to help them solve their problems, you won’t make a lot of money in Internet marketing. That’s just a fact.

The main way I recommend to discover their needs is to send out frequent emails asking them for help and asking them what’s holding them back from succeeding in online marketing. The questions should be very direct and should give you great insight as to what your people really need.

Now it’s time to take this a step further and give you some advanced methods for discovering buyers needs.

First and foremost, when you send an email out asking for a reply, you must respond to their emails. If you don’t, you will lose credibility and trust. People want to know you are a real person and you can be reached.

The next good idea is to accumulate all of your responses that you get and turn them into articles. Here’s why. A lot of times, you’ll get the same questions over and over again. Instead of writing the same response 100 times, you can easily provide a link to your article that will answer their question. As you know, creating content online is great for you and it helps save you time when you can direct your readers to a published article.

Another idea is to take all of your responses and put them together to create a pdf or two. Depending on the number of responses you get, you can separate the pdf’s and send them out on 2 consecutive days to your list. This will allow you to send free content to your list (which they will love) and it frees up your time.

You could also clean up the questions and create a full-scale eBook where each question is a different chapter. Imagine if you had an eBook with the top 20 questions people asked about the struggles they have in Internet marketing, and the eBook answered all of those questions. That would be pretty valuable, right? You’d better believe it.

So the point with all of this is that you ask a question to your list, you get their responses, you respond to them, and then you re-purpose the information into whatever works best for your business.

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