Adding A Lot Of Unique Content Into Your Website And How That Will Affect Your Website Ranking


In the good old days, search engines find content on the web and then rank them based on very primitive algorithm. Mostly, the rankings of each web page depends on the keywords being used.

For instance, if you have a web page about SEO, and you use the phrase “search engine optimization” 20 times in your page, the search engines will determine that the page must be about SEO and then rank your page accordingly.

However, such primitive algorithm is open to manipulation. Webmasters who figured that out soon started to stuff their web pages with keywords. They even go as far as using invisible keywords on their web pages!

As a result, the quality of the search engine results declined rapidly. The search engines quickly made a shift and invested in technology that identify web pages based on context. Overnight, many of those keyword stuffed pages disappeared from the search engines.

There is, however, still one tacky problem – the search engine indexes are still made up of similar content (or more commonly known as duplicate content).

Duplicate content, for sure, is not good for search engines because the same pages appear on in the search index over and over again. This makes it difficult for the user to find what they are looking for quickly. Also, more and more webmasters are taking advantage of the situation by scraping content or creating derivative content and then posting them on their own blogs or websites.

To prevent this problem from getting out of hand, the search engines knew that they had to evolve some more. And they did. Soon, they came up with algorithm that helps them detect websites that are filled with duplicate content. And like the first time round, many websites with duplicate content disappeared from the search engine indexes.

So what remains in the search index now?

The answer is obvious – websites with original and high quality content remains at the top of the search indexes. And because so many low quality sites have dropped out of the search indexes, these original sites are enjoying even more traffic!

So if you want your websites to rank well in the search results, always make sure that over 90% of the content is unique and original. What does this mean?

1) Ideas are generated by you or other human writers.
2) No scraping and derivative content is allowed.
3) If you are writing from your own mind, you should be doing okay.

Sometimes, you may have guest writers posting non-original content on your site. That is alright as long as you know the content is of high quality, and that it benefits your readers. Also, since content is submitted by guests, they should only make up 10% of your overall content. The rest should still be unique and original.

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