A View About A Quality Link Building Strategy


Choosing best search engine optimization strategies from several ones could be difficult for new-comers in the SEO profession. Sometimes, SEO mavens make mistakes too when they are asked to make out better applicable optimization strategies out of available ones. Confusion regarding their implementation may lead to mistakes, and mistakes lead to failures. However, experienced professionals can select the best strategies with applying their tested expertise.

Before going for any strategies, SEO professionals need to learn which of them work and which of them don’t work. They can understand the distinction in better way when they keep acquiring knowledge about optimization strategies by reading the experiences of the industry masters.

Honestly speaking, SEO industry abounds in several kinds of strategies, and many of them play the lead role. Majority of SEO experts are seen to put emphasis on creating outbound links, because they can build outbound links easily. Major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, do not like to rank them higher on their search pages. As a result, outbound link building strategy fails most often. On the contrary, inbound links are favorably ranked by all major engines.

Why Is Inbound Linking Strategy Preferable?

In the very first place, it needs to be said that all websites on this unfathomable web world (you may call it also an epitome of ‘Black Hole’) are competing with similar websites that are countless in numbers. Web visitors come to the searching platforms of the web and type keywords in their search boxes and send a request to them to bring in the most relevant results against their queries. Competition among websites is all about getting “relevancy” on these engines. Websites are to prove their relevancy in the eyes of these engines. The better relevant a website becomes, the higher their page ranks or ratings. With greater page ranks, the websites can improve their visibility across the web.

Major searching platforms have applied a law of the “real world” into the “virtual world”. Let’s demystify it. A person becomes popular in our society when the person gets support of the wider section of his or her society. Likewise, a website becomes popular when it gets “votes” through “links” from other similar websites. A website becomes ‘relevant’ across these engines by collecting numbers of votes more and more. In order to get votes and to prove their relevancy, websites advertise their links on different similar websites where the web visitors come and sometimes click upon the links of those websites with a hope to get better information about services or products they are looking for. The moment they click upon the links they are directed to the target web page linked to, and that increases gradually the counts of votes for the target web page. Searching engines keep on recording the counts of votes, which eventually reflect on their page ranks increment.

At the same time, creation of outbound links from a website can also be a good idea. SEO mavens practice this strategy also to a considerable degree by selecting the best parts hidden in it. If they can make sure that they have chosen to link to quality external sites only, they can make a big difference to the page ranking of their sites. With keeping quality on top of their priorities, SEO experts do never choose to link to less-valued websites, adult websites, and spoof websites. In not doing so, a website may lose either their reputation or may not get a return at all. Both of them have no effects on page rank increment. So, if the online marketing experts can ensure that they will never be unscrupulous and unmindful of using links to such sites, then outbound link building strategy can also be effective for the optimization purpose.

If link building professionals can ensure quality links are being linked to and from the relevant, quality and similar websites only, they will be able to improve the page status of their websites across all engines for searching. Quality link building practices will always be superior to other kinds of link building practices. Original and quality SEO strategies serve better than other kinds of SEO strategies.

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