A Personal Relationship As Easy As Happy Birthday?


How often do you say happy birthday to a friend? Why not say it to your customers as well? A recent study by Fulcrum, a marketing and analytic provider, showed that nearly seventy-five percent of respondents think more positive about businesses that send out personalized emails to their customers. An article, “Birthday Greetings and Discounts Resonate with Customers”, in FSR Magazine’s webpage, discussed creating that personal contact and relationship with your customers leads to increased brand loyalty to your restaurant. Of the nearly seventy-five percent of people who have a more positive outlook on a business after a happy birthday greeting, nearly eighty-eight percent of those respondents lead to increased brand loyalty.

While these facts apply to many different types of businesses, the largest impact has been shown to be within the food and beverage industry. The same study found that ninety-two percent of customers who received birthday emails from the food and beverage industry saw an increased positive outlook on the restaurant. In addition to a more positive outlook on the restaurant, ninety-six percent showed an increase in loyalty to the restaurant. Sending out a birthday email to the customers who opt to sign up for an email list increases positive looks on your restaurant and better loyalty. If creating a better image for the restaurant and higher loyalty is as easy as sending out an email, why not just say happy birthday? Not only was it shown to be effective to send birthday emails to your customers, adding a coupon proved more effective. A study proved for it to be twenty-four percent more effective for your restaurant to send out a happy birthday coupon of some type to your customers.

MenuDrive has the technology and capabilities to create automatic emails for your customers using our online ordering system. These automatic emails going to your customers can range from a variety of topics. Whether it’s your customers’ birthday or maybe their anniversary MenuDrive can send out emails to your loyal customers. Your restaurant can stay in the front of your customers’ minds because of your personal contact with them through email. Not only does MenuDrive have the ability to send out happy birthday and anniversary emails, but the emails can be completely customized for your restaurant for any occasion you would want to celebrate with your customer. In addition to personalized emails to your customer, MenuDrive can help you restaurant attach possible discount coupons to those emails so you can take advantage of the added loyalty coupons bring. We have the ability to send out coupons dealing with what your restaurant wants, whether it be ten percent discount to a buy one item, get the second item free coupon. Let MenuDrive help your restaurant create a personal relationship with your most loyal customers.

Birthday emails or celebration emails of any kind to your customer ensures that your restaurant is staying in touch, creating a personal relationship. With increasing happiness and loyalty for your restaurant with your customers being this easy, why would you not try out a happy birthday email?

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