A Long Time Ago In An Email Marketing Galaxy Far, Far Away


You a Star Wars fan, my friend?

I like it.

Without being a true fan-boy.

But whether you like it or not, this ezine article will still help you out massively. Because I’m gonna give you an “outta this world” email marketing tip (if you’ll pardon the pun… ).

Anyway, I think everyone agrees the original Star Wars trilogy was better than the prequels…

And that’s putting it mildly.

So in other words, the prequels were pretty shocking.

Glad we’ve cleared that up.

But I want to tell you WHY I think they were so bad compared to the originals.

So here’s my theory…

See, you could really “connect” with the characters in the original trilogy. You really did care about them.

Yet you didn’t in the prequels.

In fact, the characters in the prequels were more wooden than the desk I’m typing on.

(And my desk is 100% wooden, so that should give you some idea… )

Thing is, I think George Lucas focused too much on the “graphics”.

He was more bothered about making it LOOK spectacular, as opposed to making it a great story.

And this is why the prequels flopped.

I mean, yes, visually awesome films are great…

But the special effects and all that jazz should come secondary to the storyline and characters.

Just like it did in the original trilogy…

But failed to do in the prequels.

So, my friend, how can you use this same principle to make your email marketing much more profitable?

Well, you should focus on the CONTENT of your emails. Not on how “pretty” they look.

The same also applies to your website.

Focus on the content first.

Then if you want to “pretty” things up, do it after.

(Though I don’t actually recommend it, because plain looking emails and websites actually tend to perform better.)

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