A Layman’s Guide To Consumer Email Marketing


When asked if they understood what consumer email marketing was, many claimed ignorance on the subject. You may not know the intricacies of this promotional strategy, but as an owner of an email-id you encounter it every single day. The moment you sign-in to your account, you are displayed with 10 or more unread mails. 2 are from contacts while the rest are from a clothing website, a job search site or an e-commerce site informing you of the latest offers and programs. These mails, many of which you transfer to your trash box without a glance, are part of a business’ email marketing strategy. A wee bit surprised to know, right?

This short guide gives you a deeper insight into the working of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is the use of electronic direct mail to sell items, products and services. It is similar to traditional direct mail marketing wherein messages were printed on paper, business flyers, and were shipped to the doorsteps of customers using the postal system. In email marketing messages and advertisements are circulated via electronic mail. A company compiles content and graphics to create a sales letters and transfers them to customers over the internet.

The entire process is controlled by software. The messages are sent in bulk – hundred and thousands of people at one time at the click of a single button. Where does the company get so many email-ids from? Think about a time when you shopped online. You were asked to register or provide basic personal details. The company records this information irrespective of whether you deal with them or not in future. In this manner, it builds mailing lists gradually. Many companies purchase ready mailing lists.

When earlier business owners sent out advertisement leaflets, they did not know how many would be read and how many would be tossed into the bin. The software applications used in email marketing enable one to keep track of the conversion rates. By means of links embedded in the mail message, marketers can keep a track of how many messages were opened, how many were reported as spam, how many were deleted after they were opened and how many links contained in the email were clicked.

The Benefits

  • It is an inexpensive promotion strategy
  • It has a wider scope and thus the potentiality to attract customers from different countries
  • It is convenient and time-saving
  • It allows a company or business house to reach out to its customers based on their interests. For example, if a customer has shopped for clothing at an earlier date, a company can focus on offers on apparel and give secondary importance to books, home utility items or gadgets.
  • It enables a consumer to receive updates on a product or service that holds his interest the most instead of having to browse through lists of information to find what he actually wants.
  • Customer response, actions reported by the software, help an entrepreneur make the necessary modifications to improve their email marketing strategy.

If you are a business owner wanting to capitalize on the email marketing, you should contact a company who specializes in this field. They provide tools and techniques to distribute messages, contact customers and generate new contacts.

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