A Killer Email Marketing Strategy To Attract The Very Best Customers And Clients


You’re about to learn how to become literally “uncopyable”.


Not a single one of your competitors will be able to copy you.

If you do this, your email marketing should become so profitable. Plus, you’ll also attract the very best clients and customers into your business.

So just what is it I’m advising?

Just how can you make your whole email marketing strategy so successful?

Well, my friend. It’s something that’s gonna make you more than a tad uncomfortable. Especially when you start doing it. Because it’s something you’ve been “conditioned” NOT to do since you were young. And because you very rarely (if ever) actually see anyone else do this.

Anyway, what I’m on about, is to start being the REAL YOU in all of your marketing. Which includes being “you” in your emails. This really will make your email marketing almost “fail proof”.

You see, most business people will always make out as though they’re ridiculously happy all the time, and never shut up about how great their lives are.

Yet this is absolute rubbish. Completely fake. And the people they’re marketing to (i.e. the people on their email list) can see right through it.

You know, there are days I’m incredibly happy. There are days I’m so-so. And there are days, like today, where I feel rubbish. And lately I’ve been suffering a bit of anxiety, which causes me to sleep less, which in turn worsens my anxiety and mood.

But that’s me being real…

That’s me being honest…

And you really should be the same. It’s a great email marketing strategy.

So however you feel, be honest. Likewise, any problems you’re currently facing in your business or life, tell your email list about them.

You see, by being honest, you repel the people who would never be a good fit for your business anyway.

And before you go thinking how “money is money” and that you’d accept anyone with a pulse into your business, trust me, it’s not worth it. I’ve done it before. Been all fake and attracted some nightmare clients into my life.

Big mistake.

Yet by being the “real you”, you end up attracting the people who like you for who you are.

In other words, the sort of people who make amazing clients, because they’re the sort of people who you’d happily choose to hang out with for free… only they’re paying you instead!

And it’s these clients who end up getting the best results anyway. Which means they tend to end up staying on long term.

But the very best thing about being brutally honest?

It’s the fact that even if your competitors try to copy your marketing tactics, or try to undercut you on a very similar service, they will never, ever, ever be able to copy YOU as an individual.

And remember, first and foremost, people buy people.

So the people who like you for who you are, will tend to always buy from you over anyone else.

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