A Guide to Successful Email Marketing


Emails are used for big and small businesses alike. It has been proven as a successful way to market any product/ service online. Emails drive traffic to your website or website of choice. It is targeted to access potential customers. It is a unique yet easy way to access the target audiences and to bring potential visitors to your website.

Emails are used for follow-up in which businesses can generate revenue. Also it can help building contacts and links which are of primary importance for running any online business. Email marketing is not complex but it requires few techniques and rules. It is therefore necessary to identify the needs and requirements of email marketing before one actually involves in it.

Below are some guidelines to writing effective emails which can produce desired results.

· Business seems complex and marketing products/ services are more complex. By keeping things simple business personnel can lead their own pathway. It is necessary to understand the complexities of marketing. Also identify the needs of a business and taking possible steps is a key to venture.

· Email needs a clear path way ahead. Recently the legalities were changed regarding search engines. It is vital to understand the legalities and issues regarding email marketing. Do your research.

· Develop your mailing list. It is crucial to seize market which can help a business to flourish. On the splash page include the capture on top fold. Name this location as “above the fold”. This has to be placed with strategic importance.

· It is important to know that traditional popups are banned. Today “popunders” are used by using Javascript. Although it is a pop up box, Google do not recognizes it as a pop up. “House banners” are also used instead of popunders.

. Newsletters are also promoted through email marketing. Email marketing involves 2 parties. The sender and the receiver. In order to promote a newsletter create content which is appealing and unique.

· Take advantage and do your homework to find a good email marketing company to be a part of. The tracking of emails is an important activity to judge the company from. I personally recommend Aweber.

· ASP and ISP solutions are available (combined) which helps enhancing delivery

· Test the email service and check your campaigns. Email marketing is relatively different from traditional marketing tactics. Consider using tools to enhance the delivery and tracking of emails.

How to write an effective email?

Well-organized and well-written email enhances readilbility. The recipient is directly targeted in email marketing. Formatting is another key ingredient to encourage recipient to read. Affiliate marketers, for example, are dependent upon email marketing. A marketer reads, opens and acts accordingly. So, email must be clear, easy to read yet professionally written.


· Email’s subject is of utmost importance. Write a compelling subject which may likely attract the reader. The purpose of the subject is to get the target to open your email.

· Make your subject line personalized by adding the name of a recipient in the beginning. Use words which appears enticing.

Email marketing is an effective way to reach recipients and target audiences. It is a tool which has become an essential element of marketing any product/ service.

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