A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Advertising


There are many search engines (SEs) that sell listings to businesses and these listings usually appear in the top few results. Contrary to what many people may believe, searchers have no need to fear these paid listings since the revenue generated from paid listings ensures that unpaid listings appear in search results. Listed below are a few facts about search engine advertising that will help you understand how search engine marketing works.

Paid Placement Listings

Popular SEs usually offer a paid placement listing through which businesses that advertise are guaranteed a high-ranking. This listing is usually in relation to the selected keywords and these paid listings are highlighted to attract attention of searchers. The exact position of paid listings varies based on a few factors but as a general rule, paid placements appear above the editorial listings. Some search engine advertising listings that are paid for may appear in the side of the editorial content and these listings are commonly known as sidebar listings. Terms such as paid listing, sponsored page, paid search ads and cost per click ads are used for this type of advertising. Advertisers who opt for cost per click ads and pay-per-click ads are charged only when someone clicks on the advertiser’s link.

Paid Inclusions

Paid inclusions allow businesses to include their website in the editorial section of the search results however, these inclusions are usually not ranked high in editorial results just because they have been paid for. An instance of paid inclusions is, someone with a brand new website submits their homepage by opting for a paid inclusions search engine advertising program in order to ensure that the page gets listed within 2-4 days. This is done to avoid the regular waiting period of 2-4 weeks for listing pages. In this instance the SEs will rank the page based on various factors and not just because the page has been paid for. It will rank the page based on the popularity of the website, the number of back links and other SEO related factors.

Paid Submissions, Content Promotion and Banner Ads

Certain search engines such as Yahoo offer paid submission programs. Content promotion programs are offered by many popular others and these programs ensure that the advertiser’s content appears in search results. The advertiser’s content will usually not appear in the editorial results. Banner ads are popular search engine advertising techniques and these ads carry keyword linked banner advertisements. These ads can be easily identified by the unique look of the advert.

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