9 Tips That Will Enable You to Write Effective Sales Emails


1. Learn the etiquette in writing emails – there are some reference books in the Internet that will give you the techniques on how to write effective sales emails. So, if you are writing emails, you need to know that some people take online etiquette to be reliable and effective.

2. Don’t write an email when you are upset, angry or drunk – if you have just finished having a heated argument over the telephone with someone, please don’t write emails. Because whatever you have written can never be recalled if you hit the ‘send’ button. Angry emails can be sent if you don’t care about the client’s resultant feelings.

3. Consider the time you are sending the email – before sending the email, ensure that the timing doesn’t coincide with either the Monday morning rush or Friday afternoon lethargy. So, it is good to send emails when your partner will be in a relaxed mood to read them.

4. Be wary of attachments – some people don’t like opening an attachment because of virus or from people they know too well. To save yourself from some embarrassment, you may contact your partner before hand to know if they will be happy to receive the attachment.

5. Desist from writing emails that sprawls – many people prefer layout of emails especially if their computer uses only text.

6. Your subject should grab the reader’s attention – the fastest way to do is by including some sort of benefit. More so, try to avoid words that were hated by spam filters such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘free’ and so on.

7. Keep the writing clear and concise – it is good to keep online writing short and simple, because someone that reads tons of emails daily don’t have time to go through a lot of preamble.

8. Do not leave out essential adverbs and adjectives- make sure your sentences and paragraphs are concise and clear. Your paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 6 sentences. Also, use bullet points if you are listing a couple of items.

9. Use Good signature facility- if you are writing emails for businesses; try to use good signature facility that goes after your name. This will be a great addition to your message. Good signature facility will truly help you in writing effective sales emails.

Try your possible best to observe the 9 tips discussed on this page when come to writing effective sales emails.

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