8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail


Today I would like to address a topic that I find interesting: Reputation in email marketing and deliverability keys. And, when we use e-mail marketing platforms for our clients, a number of practices that help us arrive correctly the emails that are not included in spam filters and the user receiver open. Some advice.

Keys deliverability in email marketing

Deliverability in email marketing is the ability to email arrives correctly to the inbox of your recipient, avoiding spam filters (or spam).

First, you should know that email marketing reputation is related to the domain and IP address of who makes deliveries. From them, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) evaluate the reputation through different parameters. Therefore, both the supplier’s reputation as a platform-Book-as-sender-client what are the determinants in terms of deliverability.

Below I discuss some factors that may influence the email end up in the spam folder:

1. Contact list not updated with recipients who have wanted to unsubscribe and shipments continue to suffer, with emails that no longer exist, etc. It also recommends focusing on users usually open the emails and they clicked on them (it would be nice to be able to segment based on that).

2. Volume concentration of posts most tools already do shipping in parts, so that the lists are not huge. Keep in mind that send many emails at once and not to do it in a long period of time is not highly regarded.

3. Lower quality lists of contacts if they have not agreed to receive shipments of a company properly (as opt-in) and shipping is also done, the ISP could mark the domain as a spammer. Of course, avoid buying lists (as obtained by robots).

4. History be marked as spam in major email providers, there are buttons from which users can mark emails as spam. “Complaints” are considered. You have to avoid them as much as possible. If our own company as a provider of email submissions has historical high post marked as spam, our reputation will have been damaged.

5. High percentage of regection (automatically) there are “hard bounces” and “soft bounces”. The first means that the reason for rejection is a permanent error or failure (such as an account that no longer exists) and is the one to worry more. The second reason is based on a temporary problem, such as the recipient’s mailbox is full.

6. Disreputable server infrastructure Book Clearly, if a platform for sending email marketing has a dubious reputation and perform deliveries of your company through this platform, in the end the reputation of your company as a client email marketing could be impaired.

7. Difficult process of floor low if the process is difficult for the user, this could mark the email as spam. Remember that a historic high of mails marked as spam can hurt a lot. Therefore, a pair of tips:

  • The unsubscribe link should be readable text and easy to detect.
  • The unsubscribe link should not be an image.

8. Invitations as “Click here” ISPs do not usually like them phrases like “click here”. Specifically, Gmail (Google) usually penalized. Therefore, try to use more imagination when making the call to action.

So, these are the factors that can harm you when doing email marketing in terms of deliverability.

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