77 Billion Dollar Paradigm Shift in Local Advertising


Where is the first place you would look if you were searching for a product or service?

If you said the Internet, you are among the 97 percent of the people that have access to it! That is of course not at all surprising, because the Internet offers the most comprehensive, detailed and accessible information for what you’re looking for.

Realizing this fact, local advertisers are moving their marketing dollars from the more traditional media to where their prospective clients are actually looking for their products and service in their geographical area, and that is of course the Internet.

In fact it is estimated that from the 155 billion dollars spent yearly by businesses on local advertising, half of it is moving from radio, TV and print media to online advertising in the U.S. alone.

This 77 billion dollar paradigm shift creates a tremendous opportunity not only for the online advertising agencies, but for the 35 million plus local businesses to be found by the people that are actually looking for their products and services.

This paradigm shift can have a positive effect on this downturn economy for several reasons:

1. It helps local businesses to generate more revenue by easily being found by their local market.

2. It helps online search engines, social media, GPS and smart phone service providers and online advertising agencies increase business exponentially.

3. It helps create more jobs by not only local businesses that contribute to 80 percent of the job market, but it can also provide solid careers by online advertising agencies that are certified resellers for online service platforms like Google and Facebook.

So, it would be safe to say that online advertising arena provides a tremendous opportunity for individuals to become wealthy if they manage to position themselves correctly with the right company in this recession proof industry and the transfer of wealth.

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