70% Squeeze Page Op in Rate, Keep It Simple Stupid “KISS” – Gain More Leads With a Simple Tweak


The reason I’m able to get a 70% opt in rate is actually somewhat hidden, but I’m going to reveal it to you shortly…

Most squeeze pages are filled with junk.

Literally monkeys with polka dot t-shirts on – big cartoon eyed gold fish swimming in a tank – a Hammer head shark with a captain’s hat on and a pink elephant somewhere on the page chilling out…

… and all this is in hopes of grabbing your attention, convincing you to submit an email.

When I first started online nothing was about to stop me from reaching my goals…

I felt like a Marvel Capcom character tearing through obstacles and smashing resistance into cookie crumbles.

I hated the forces of evil trying to stop me from being all I can be and being victorious in all I do.

Why the hell can’t I do what I want to do in life?

There is no reason to stay shackled down, toss to and fro from life’s happenings…

… I took responsibility and won…

… I slayed the 11 foot dragon and I hate him. I hate evil. If you’re in the internet marketing arena NEVER GIVE UP!!!


OK I just had to rant a bit now back to the 70% op in rate.

When making a squeeze page to capture some ones email the main goal is to capture the darn email!

Here are 3 things to look out for when doing this.

1. Stay away from to many pictures and writings. If someone comes to your page and they have a hard time understanding all the information coming at them, they’ll just give up and leave.

2. Double opt ins are not so good, but if that’s what you like go-ahead and do it. The op is will be better quality but it will be at the sacrifice of a 15% drop in op ins…

… When the numbers get bigger it hurts more. Example: If 10,000 people see your site and it has a 50% op in rate, the double op in will cut that down to 35% which means you only get 3,500 op ins…

3. The more information you capture is really good but like other things it comes with a price. No one really wants to give names and phone numbers.

If you just request an email the op ins are much higher. I made a video showing proof of my 70% op in rate and some 55% op in rates on YouTube.

It’s not hard to do at all, just keep the above points in mind.

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