7 Tips On How To Build Your Email List


If you want a successful online business you need to make sales to people who are interested in your products or services. Building an email list is an integral part of this process. It allows you to stay in touch with prospects, develop relationships and make repeat sales to your customers.

There is plenty of hype online about how you can get thousands of people to join your email list in a very short space of time. This is possible but the key question you need to ask is whether these people are ever likely to buy from you. Always go for quality rather than quantity. Here are 7 tips for building a quality email list of people who are likely to buy your products and become loyal customers.

1. Understand what your potential customers want. I know this sounds rather obvious but believe me it’s not! It’s possible to spend a long time creating products for which there’s no demand. Don’t fall into this trap. Do your research – spend some time online, listen to what people are saying in forums about the problems and challenges that they face. Then you’ll get a good understanding of what potential customers want.

2. Establish your credibility in your market niche. People want to know why they should join your email list. If you’re able to demonstrate your expertise by providing quality information and solutions to their problems, do you think that they’ll want to sign up to your list? Of course – people are hungry for this sort of help.

3. Deliver excellent quality content on all your platforms. This is how you will make a name for yourself as someone who is worth listening to. Make the effort to ensure that your website, social media, blog etc are giving people the answers and information that they’re looking for. Let people see the quality of your material so that they will be much more likely to buy your products and services.

4. Make sure your website and blog are optimised for the search engines. Your aim is to get people to your site when they’re searching for information online. If your website is on page 85 of the search engine results for your keywords then people aren’t going to find you. So when you’re creating content make an effort to use the right keywords in the right places. This isn’t difficult but it is easy to overlook in your rush to get content on your website and blog posts.

5. Get people to your website using paid advertising. This will give you quicker results than search engine optimisation but it’s a good idea to use both approaches. Be careful to target your advertising at the right sort of people, otherwise you will be wasting your money.

6. Work with other people in your niche. By doing this you can build your list quickly. Find other businesses that are complementary to yours but don’t go for direct competitors. As an example, if you have an eBook on ‘How to grow roses’ you could get in touch with a company selling roses. Ask them to email their list with a great discount offer on your eBook and then reward them with a percentage of the profits. You benefit by getting more people on your email list and they make money – a win win scenario!

7. Make it as straightforward as possible for people to join your list. Once you’ve succeeded in attracting visitors to your website the last thing you want is for them to read your content and then go without leaving their email address. Your number one objective with all visitors should be to capture their contact details.

So don’t just have one sign up box on your homepage. Consider placing sign up forms in various locations e.g. pop ups, footer area, sidebar and on blog posts. You can easily create attractive web forms that link to your autoresponder service. Offer them something that they value in order to get their email address – you’ll find this an easy task if you’ve understood their needs and created high quality content.

To summarise, by following these 7 tips you’ll make great progress in building a quality list of prospects who are genuinely interested in your products or services, appreciate your expertise and are likely to become your loyal customers.

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