7 Strategies of Successful Email Marketing


To get the best results from your email marketing campaign, there are some principles I want to share with you that I’ve learned to keep in mind over years of internet marketing. These are basic strategies that anyone who is using email marketing as a way to make money online should be using every single day. These simple, straightforward tactics are easy to implement and so valuable.

1. Don’t spam your leads. Your intent as an internet marketer, first and foremost, is to make money but as a decent human being, you have a responsibility to be kind and honest. Not only is it good for your conscience to send more than just offers but it’s also good for retaining your leads. They will respect you for giving them information and not just offers to buy and when they respect you, they are more likely to purchase something from you.

2. Be yourself. There’s no point in acting like someone you aren’t because people can tell when you aren’t being genuine. No one will listen to you, respect you or buy from you if you aren’t being honest with them about yourself. Of course this goes for everything but often people think to be an internet marketer, you have to act like someone you’re not. You don’t and it will only hurt you if you try to pretend to be someone else.

3. Always be consistent. To maximize your profits, your list should have a specific audience or a niche. Market to that niche and that niche only. So many people lose focus of what their list is and what’s important to their list. When you lose that focus, you lose money and you lose your leads as well. So be vigilant about marketing the right products to your list.

4. Email regularly. I mail twice a day, every single day. Now I’m not saying you should email that often but you do need to send emails consistently. If you mail only once a week or less, you will lose your leads. They need to be emailed on a regular basis to keep them interested and engaged.

5. Promote quality products. I believe in being honest as a person and as a businessman. I only promote products that I believe are ethical and useful. The worst way to make money is by screwing someone over. One way to look at it is this- only send offers that you would feel comfortable selling to your mother or your best friend.

6. Be respectful of people’s wishes. If someone wants to opt out of your list, let them and be nice about it.

7. Be thankful. Let your list know how much you appreciate them. The truth is they could choose to be on anyone’s list but they chose yours so let them know that you are so glad they decided to stick with you. Everyone loves to be appreciated.

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