7 High Conversion Rate Viral Email Marketing Tips


Viral e-mail marketing signifies the rapid spread of branding and sales messages among prospects. This concept is quite similar to that of word-of-mouth behavior albeit via the electronic medium. The principle objective of such marketing campaigns is increased brand awareness. People are going to start spreading out messages only when they find it valuable, entertaining or amusing. An idea regarding the interests of the customers in the specific market segments can ensure the success of the viral e-mail marketing campaigns.

Here are the 7 high conversion rate viral e-mail marketing tips.

Unique and interesting content

Out of the box ideas help to build curiosity among the prospects and initiate them to spread the message across. Relevant, original and refreshing content which is funny, informative, teasing or valuable, keeps the audience coming back for more. And initiate them to communicate the message to others they know.

Keeping the mystery alive

Overt messages fail to work wonders since they fail to be enticing. When the target group is intrigued, it helps to initiate online conversations.

Offering rewards

Nothing helps to spread the word faster compared to the promise of getting rewards in the process. These can be anything from discount coupons to freebies.

Ensure fulfillment of targets

Every viral e-mail marketing campaign is designed to fulfill specific company targets. Therefore, the e-mail should be such that the audience knows exactly what to do to further organizational goals. Otherwise all the efforts will lead to nothing.

Combining the Internet marketing tools

While well planned viral e-mail marketing campaigns can succeed on their own, integrating them with social media, varied content formats, and banners, social sharing and off-line actions can add to their effectivity.

Making the forward links prominent

The main aim of the viral marketing campaigns is spreading the message across, so that the maximum number of people is made aware of a specific brand and their products or services. Inconspicuous forward links fail to do this job. The conversion rates can increase by making the forward links quite prominent.

Assure message forwarding

The natural process of forwarding messages in the viral marketing campaigns can be enhanced dramatically by using certain methods. The conversion rates increase when there is special something for forwarding the messages and also for the friends. Simple yet attractive content works the best. It can be anything from a tip or trick to how to videos related to the specific organization.

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