7 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates


Email marketing is a form of content marketing. You use emails to bring information and your products/services to your email subscriber. But, simply sending emails isn’t an effective marketing strategy; you need to know what elements should go into those emails to make them more effective, to make them boost your conversion rates.

Quick note here: conversion rates, in regard to your email marketing, are the number of subscribers who open your email and click on your call-to-action (CTA), compared to the number of subscribers who open the email and do nothing. So, if you have 100 subscribers who opened the email and only one clicked on the link (the CTA), you would have a 1% conversion rate.

Here are 7 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

1. Style, Style, Style

The style of the email matters and it’s the letter style that provides better conversion.

The letter style email is one that is conversational. It opens a dialogue and lets the reader know why he should keep reading and why he should say YES to your call-to-action.

With this style, the reader doesn’t feel like he’s reading a sales pitch. He feels like he’s being given an answer to his question or solution to his problem.

2. A Word is a Word is a Word

This is not true in marketing. Words, and even how they’re said (their tone) when in person or using audio, can make or break a deal. The same is true in your emails.

Research from Marketing Experiments shows that even a slight change in tone or copy can realize significant benefits.

Something as simple as the words ‘open’ and ‘sign up’ can instill a negative impression on the reader. Interestingly, these words can cause anxiety. They can be perceived as having to do something unpleasant. ‘Sign up’ is an obvious culprit here. People don’t want to sign up for more emails.

The better choice, in place of ‘Open Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ is ‘Get Access’ or ‘Get Your Free Report.’ It’s less intimidating.

3. Multiple CTAs Are a No-No

While it’s tempting to lead your email reader to your blog, your website, your CTA, and possibly some great information, keep each email simple. Don’t make the reader have to make any extra decisions.

You should have only ONE clearly labeled CTA.

4. Images

Images can be a great asset in email marketing, but they need to be sized and positioned properly. You don’t want the image to be the focal point of your email; this will only distract the reader from what you want him to do.

The image should enhance the content.

5. Clarity and Easy Reading

You want to keep the email simple. Keep it focused and easy to read. Gently and effectively lead the reader to your CTA and let him know what to expect when he clicks on the link. Don’t assume he’ll automatically know.

6. Make it About the Prospect

In a web clinic from Marketing Experiments, emails were the focus and Dr. Flint McLaughlin brought up the word ’empathy.’ You need to feel what the prospect is feeling or at least try to. Try to put yourself in his shoes and address his questions, needs, and/or wants.

This includes your subject line. Don’t make it a sales pitch, make it personal.

7. Value

Be sure that the prospect knows what you’re promising is worth what you’re asking him to do. Information and ethical bribes are a ‘dime a dozen’ now, so make sure you give him real value for his time and effort, and possibly money.

What you’re promising must be precieved by the prospect as of greater value than what he’s giving up.


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