6 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business


Trying to grow your business? It’s a constant battle to generate quality leads. Without good leads, you’ll never be able to build up your customer base. And without the ability to expand your customer base, you won’t be able to increase your profits and grow your business.

It’s all about lead generation. One of your top priorities should be to generate more leads for your business. But leads don’t just grow on trees. You have to work intelligently and diligently to get good leads.

Here are 6 ways you can start generating more leads for your business.

1. Optimize your website for the search engines-By now, you have a website. Right? If not, what are you waiting for? If you do have a website, is it properly optimized for the search engines? In other words, when people use Google to find the products and services your company offers, do you show up at the top of the search results? Or are your competitors outranking you? Optimizing your website is one of the best things you can do to drive quality traffic that turns into good leads.

2. Use pay per click marketing to drive web traffic-Speaking of the search engines, you can also use pay per click marketing to boost your search engine presence and get traffic from customers who are ready to buy. PPC marketing uses sponsored search listings (those ads you see along the top and down the right hand side of the search results) to drive targeted website traffic. It’s a highly effective way to generate new leads.

3. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of direct mail marketing-Yes, marketing on the web is great, but don’t forget about direct mail marketing. When done properly, direct mail marketing can still generate a huge ROI for companies. With a good list and a well-designed piece (e.g. brochure, postcard, flyer, etc.), you can reach out to potential customers and generate more leads. Look for direct mail agencies so you can find a company to design and print your direct mail pieces.

4. Take advantage of email marketing-Speaking of marketing by mail, email marketing is another great way to get more leads for your company. You should focus on trying to build up your email list. Studies show that email marketing generates an average ROI of over $40 for every $1 spent on it.

5. Get social-You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding social media marketing. Companies are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, YouTube, and other social media outlets to connect with their target audience. Social media can be a great medium for increasing brand awareness and generating new leads for your business.

6. Ask customers for referrals-When it comes to building leads, there may be no better source than your current customer base. If they’re happy with your products and services, encourage them to tell their friends about your company. You may even wish to offer an incentive for every new customer they bring you.

Never stop generating leads by following these simple tips. You have the potential to grow your business as big as you want. Dream big!

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