6 Tips to Make Sure Your Email Newsletters Will Be Read


If you have studied the art of Internet Marketing for more than a week or so, you should have been convinced of the need to collect a list of names and email addresses for clients and prospective clients who visit your website.

However, sometimes when starting out on-line, there’s a temptation to cut corners and try to economize by maintaining your list in a spreadsheet to do-it-yourself.

This is a false economy because by the time your list has reached about 100 people, there’s a fair chance that the effort of maintaining it, adding new members, deleting those who want to leave and manually emailing will start to get you down. Then the danger is that when it all becomes too hard you stop sending your mailings.

  1. So the first and obvious tip is to keep sending those newsletters, and to make it simple for yourself you should use an auto-responder. If you choose a well-known and reliable brand, this software will ensure that you comply with all legal rules for sending emails.
  2. Some auto-responders are actually free. That is great if you’re on a tight budget, but do consider why they may be free and how they are actually paid for. The owners aren’t trying to do you a big favour; they are probably financing the software by including their own, or third-party, adverts along with your mailing. So the recipient may click off to an advertiser instead of reading your article. For this reason I prefer to pay for my auto-responder service.
  3. Auto-responders help ensure deliverability of your mail. They put enormous effort into keeping their mail-servers white-listed and will usually offer a service to check your newsletter against the popular spam detection services. If your article is marked as spam before it hits your prospect’s inbox that’s almost certainly an unread newsletter.
  4. However beautifully you craft the body of your email, what will make it stand out from the crowd is the headline, or subject. This would be a whole chapter of any Internet Marketing course in itself and detailed information is beyond the scope of this article. In short, keep the title punchy and arouse curiosity to encourage the reader to open your email. But never send a misleading headline such as “You have just been paid”. That destroys all goodwill and if anyone sends me such an email, I unsubscribe as a matter of course.
  5. Make your newsletter easy on the eye by taking advantage of some of the very attractively formatted templates your auto-responder may offer. Adopt a consistent look and stick with it, so that your prospect recognises your offerings. However, remember that some people still use text-based email systems, so be sure your newsletter is also readable in plain text, or at the very least include a link so that readers can open it in a web browser otherwise they will probably just pass on by.
  6. My final tip is to make your content valuable and interesting. This sounds so obvious, but I’m amazed by the number of people who send me unbelievable drivel and every newsletter is nothing more than a sales-pitch. I have no objection to being “sold-to” part of the time, but I look for some valuable content too. Most of all I hate my intelligence being insulted by hype and rubbish.

I hope those brief tips will give you some ideas to get started with email marketing. One of the biggest differences between successful and failing marketers is the way they build and relate to their prospect and client lists. It’s a subject you neglect at your peril.

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