6 Reasons Why Your Mother Would Approve of SEO


As a general rule, mothers try to bring their children up right. They encourage them to do their best, try their hardest and play by the rules. They want their children to be successful grown-ups and business owners. As the use of traditional advertising has become less effective, more people are turning to the Internet for their information and shopping. Some business owners find themselves scrambling for a way to boost their website traffic and increase their online presence without knowing how to do it and what is right and wrong. Many companies have turned to reputable search engine marketing agencies for guidance with success.

On occasion, business owners who are unfamiliar with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing may hesitate, thinking their mothers might not approve, since companies who go against the guidelines of best practices have been known to get into trouble. However, when done properly, most mothers not only approve of SEO, they questions their grown children on why they didn’t start it sooner. Here are 6 reasons your mother would approve of SEO.

1. No one gets hurt.
SEO teaches you to play well with others. You can use a number of different social media marketing websites to reach out to potential customers and make friends. It also encourages your website to link to quality content and other sites to link to your site as well.

2. It’s legal.
When done within the guidelines for best practices laid out by the search engines, your company’s website can be found online without any sneaky, underhanded or illegal business practices.

3. It can make you popular.
When potential customers can find your website online, your company’s popularity grows – and so does your business. SEO can help that happen.

4. She always want you to come in first place by playing fair.
Best SEO practices involve providing quality content and relevant information. The more compelling, interesting and relevant a web page is, the closer it comes to ranking on the first page of the search engines for certain search terms.

5. You can afford to buy her presents.
When a business is successful, its owners can afford to things like pay bills and buy their mothers birthday presents and flowers on Mother’s Day. When you run successful SEO marketing campaign, your business profit will likely increase, which means you’ll probably be able to buy your mother presents, which will make her happy.

6. You hang out in good neighborhoods.
Companies that follow best SEO practices earn links from high quality websites with high quality information. In other words, they associate with websites in good neighborhoods and are rewarded for high quality associations on search engine results pages.

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