5 Ways to Make Writing Ezines Less Time Consuming


Are you a bit intimidated about launching your first ezine because you think it will be a huge time commitment? Or maybe you publish an ezine, but are always scrambling to the last minute to get it sent out on time?

Any type of marketing effort takes time, but you can streamline the process. Here are six ways to make writing ezines less time consuming.

Tip 1- Create a template that you use over and over again.

Why reinvent the wheel each and every issue? Create a template in a simple Word document where you can fill in the blanks with 3 sections… an introduction, the body of the article, and a promotion – Your featured product or service (keep it to one thing).

Tip 2 – Keep your articles under 450 words.

If you fill up more than one page of a Word document, it is probably too much. If your article is too long, most likely your readers will skip it all together or file it “to be read later” – which will never happen. Use bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, etc… to “pop” out certain important words to allow your readers to skim the page and get the basic concepts.

Tip 3 – Don’t tell everything you know on a topic, write snippets of knowledge.

Keep your articles about one main topic. For example, If I was writing an article about what makes a good ezine I could write about: what makes a good subject line, how to write a great intro, what you should include in your articles, how to promote a product, etc… That would be a very long article! Take ONE idea, like “Increase Your Ezine Open Rates with a Snazzy Subject Line.” I could have 10 different articles about what makes a great ezine if I divide it into parts.

Tip 4 – Set up a process so that your secretary or virtual assistant can do a lot of the work.

Simply put, do the writing yourself and then turn the more technical part over to someone that specializes in this process. Don’t drive yourself mad messing with HTML and editing graphics when someone else can do this in a third of the time it may take you. Do what YOU do best!

Tip 5 – Leverage the ezine article that you have created.

Get more mileage out of the time it took you to write an article. After sending to your subscribers, post the article on your website or blog and submit it to a site like EzineArticles.com. Instead of thinking your article was written for one purpose, your time was well spent as now you have valuable content to post in multiple places.

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