5 Unusual Tips to Make Sure Your Sites Get Guaranteed Search Engine Placement


Getting guaranteed search engine placement is the most tricky part of building an online presence. You can build a good website, put up your response mechanisms, tag the site and even send out bookmarks to all social bookmarking sites. But all that is like leaking in a dark trouser. You know what you have done but nobody notices.

I therefore recommend, don’t bother submitting your site through the traditional methods. The fastest way to get your site in Google’s index is to create backlinks to it. When you create lots of links from sites that are spidered regularly and submit any RSS feeds you’ve got to directories.

But this calls for massive action in the form of adding blog comments, mashing RSS feeds and complex processes involved therein. True, many sites help automate this, but the quality of automated work leaves so much to be desired that results seldom stand testimony.

If you’re really keen to get guaranteed search engine placement as fast as possible here are 5 tips that you can make a part of your routine.

1. Put AdSense on your pages (even if you remove it later) as this forces Google to spider you. Once you are in the Google radar by hook or crook, the bots will keep coming back. I assume you will keep creating good fresh content, so they will keep updating you site.

2. Enable an AdWords campaign to your domain. Now Google has to spider you to determine your quality score. This is sneaky and expensive but I assume you would be online to make money and there’s no faster way to make the money go round than advertising.

3. Routinely search for your domain name. Use [allintitle: your title words] for various posts you have written and perform [site: yourdomain] and [link: yourdomain] searches for your domain. All these actions prompt Google to go out and look for you. It’s a little like going to a bookshop and asking for your just-released book so that the shopkeeper asks the distributor for stocks.

4. You could visit your site using accounts with some of the most widespread ISPs (eg AOL) since their logs are used to find new content. This takes no time but is equivalent of creating a buzz in the search engine community.

5. Send your site links by email to and from a Gmail account. This too is sneaky but it works for obvious reasons. Big brother G will always keep little Gm in the loop, right?

So that’s it. Guaranteed search engine placement is not a big deal anymore, is it?

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