5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing


The time that you spend on putting together your email newsletter should not be just busy work. Your newsletter should help you build a relationship with your tribe and eventually convert your list into clients/customers.

There are many facets of using newsletter as a marketing tool to communicate with your potential and existing clients – from list building to content creation to promotion and conversion. Here are 5 tips to boost your email marketing effectiveness:

Use permission lists only – meaning the recipients of your newsletter should have “opted-in” to your list. You don’t want to turn people away before they even get to know you.

Don’t just grab your outlook address book and start dumping contact into your list! One way to get your existing contact to opt-in to your list when you are starting out is to send a personal email to folks in your address book, tell them about your new business, your newsletter, your opt-in free gift, and invite them to join your list – of course, include the link for them to sign up.

Sending unsolicited emails is a violation of the CAN-SPAM act, and you can be in trouble when enough people report your communication as spam.

Create sub-lists – if you are promoting a program or product and need to send out more frequent communications around launch time, a good way is to ask folks in your main list to opt-in to a sub-list (e.g. through a free preview call, audio or special report pertaining to that particular topic; or folks who opted-in to the sub-list will get special pre-launch pricing) – these people have raised their hands to learn more about that particular topic so you can feel more comfortable about sending out more communications. You can even ask them to fill out a survey at some point to help you refine your offering (sweeten the pot with perks). Plus, if they find the communications to be too much, they would more likely to just opt-out of the sub-list, instead of your main list.

Pay attention to your open and click through rate – open rate can help you identify subject line formats or keywords that work, while click through rate can help you identify newsletter format, layout, wordings for an offer or types of offers that work.

Use content to build your expert status, and cultivate the “Like, Know and Trust” factor – make sure your content is relevant to your target market, succinct, and interesting. Remember, people are more likely to buy from experts, and pay a higher price for the services. To build your expert status, focus on a subject or a few topics that are most relevant to your target market. Don’t try to write about anything and everything.

Incorporate your newsletters as part of a bigger content marketing strategy – look at your marketing calendar (you have one, right?) and see how your email communication can support your product or program launches. E.g. you can use your blog and your newsletter as a way to “drip content” a month or so prior to a launch to generate buzz, create anticipation and boost your expert status in that topic.

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