5 Tips for Creating Subject Lines That Work


In this article I am going to share five tips on how to come up with subject lines for your emails that will attract your subscribers attention so that they will click and open them. Email marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business but unless you can get your subscribers to actually open and read your emails you will be putting in a lot of effort for little reward. So let me give you some ideas on how to make your subject lines eye-catching.

1. Personalize it

People like to be addressed by their name so using their name in your subject line works, as long as you don’t use it too often and lessen the impact. Another way that you can personalize your subject line is to use words that describe the group or type of people that it is aimed at. For example, “Calling all entrepreneurs who… “

2. Numbers

Subscribers are attracted to subject lines with numbers in them. So for example, “3 Great Ways to… “

3. Benefits

Describe what benefit your readers will get if they open your email. This could be that they will learn some key tactic or how to fix an annoying problem. It could be a unique opportunity available for a limited time or to a limited number of people. It could be a gift. Notice I used the word gift not freebie. It is best to steer away from the word “free” if you want to stay out of their spam folder.

4. Create Intrigue

Another good idea for subject lines is to create a little curiosity. One way to do this is to use an unfinished sentence such as “The secret to great health is… ” Words like secret, discover, reveal and so on really capture attention. One word of caution don’t make it too mysterious. Everyone is so busy these days and so they will make snap decisions about which emails to open and which to send to the trash. If they don’t really know what your email is about from your subject line then they are most likely to delete it.

5. Questions

Our minds are hard-wired to respond to questions, even if they are seemingly insignificant. So questions are great for grabbing the attention of your subscribers and since their brains will then be virtually compelled to find an answer they will more than likely open your emails as the quickest and easiest route to do so.

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