5 Things To Remember When Publishing A Newsletter


Many benefits such as increased web traffic, profits and sales will be reaped by writing a quality newsletter to your opt-in list subscribers. This marketing trick will not put too large of a dent into your marketing budget. Minimal human resources are required to make this effort a success. It will however take a little bit of careful planning and strategy, in how you write these newsletters.

A newsletter helps you update the public about your company, products and services. You can keep them informed about your company’s development as well as your promotions and offers. In this way, you remind your subscribers that you are still in the market and ready to recommend them great services and deals… and at the best price!

You can impress your subscribers through a well written newsletter, where you demonstrate your knowledge and skills on the given topic. This is also an opportunity for you to teach them about benefits offered to them, when they purchase your product or services. If you succeed in impressing people with your newsletter, they will potentially return to do business with you and can recommend you to their friends, colleagues and family (which is another bonus.)

If you do not have a newsletter yet, or if you are thinking about publishing one for your website, you should get some help from a marketing professional who can advise you on how to write them. It’s not rocket science however, and the information can be found online. Many people offer great training on this subject that you may or may not have to pay for. You do get what you pay for when it comes to training, and some of the best training I’ve ever received has been paid. When you get the right idea and master the process, things will become smooth for you even though maybe still not as easy as it seemed. Take your time to go over some materials and write a great newsletter that will attract subscribers to your opt-in list as well as bring more traffic to your site.

When you decide to start creating your own newsletter for your website, you should take into consideration these five things before publishing it.

1) Your business or the theme of your site should relate to / be closely associated to the content of your newsletter. You have launched a site and the theme for your site must be something you are familiar with. Your field of expertise should be the primary focus. If you created a site that sells boats, your newsletter better consist of articles or content like photos that relate to boats, boat parts and so on. Content about your company and your team might also be included in your newsletter.

Keep in mind that people visit a certain site because they are drawn to what the site has to offer. They want to be updated for that certain theme or subject and that’s why they sign up for an opt-in list or a newsletter. When you publish your newsletter, remember that you are providing both for the needs and interests of the subscriber.

2) Provide well-written articles rich in content and information. They are the body of your newsletter and should be able to motivate those who read it as well as give valuable information. For the articles to look professional and authentic, they must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Your client’s trust to your newsletter is at stake.

3) Check your articles to make sure they contain true facts and figures, so that your reputation as an expert and educated in that field is not doubted. Losing your subscribers’ trust will make them unsubscribe to your newsletter and make you lose many potential sales.

4) Deliver fresh and original articles and always providing new information to your subscribers. Publishing old and out of date news in your newsletter will most likely disappoint your subscribers who have already read and know about them. This will make them lose their interest in your newsletter pretty fast and they will quit reading before they get to the most important part – your ads. Consequently they won’t read any of your following newsletters making your intention in writing and publishing newsletters useless. Your main goal is to have them visit your site and make a purchase.

5) Copyrighted materials such as photos and articles are prohibited for use. You may get in trouble for such transparent plagiarism, losing your business and very possibly getting sued for copyright laws violation. In case you lack time to write your own authentic articles, a lot of eager and capable qualified article writers are out there. They can write articles for your site at a reasonable price. And when you see your list growing and your traffic increasing, all your investment in writing and publishing the articles in your newsletter will be worth the efforts you put in!

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