5 Secrets to Improve Your Business EMail Marketing Results


You’re smart enough to know the importance of business email marketing so you can make more money in less time, but despite your efforts you’re still not getting the results you need. Don’t give up on e-mail as a valuable sales tool before trying one or more of these secrets that have helped me and my coaching clients improve our business email marketing results.

  1. Create a community. Don’t be just another salesperson. Let your identity shine through in your business email marketing messages. Don’t be afraid to talk about your dog, your kids, or your recent vacation. On the other hand, don’t get too personal. Your readers probably don’t need to know about your last doctor’s appointment.
  2. Use powerful words in your headlines. You’re literally competing for your reader’s time and dollars with dozens of other messages. Some examples of powerful words to use in business email marketing include the following: secrets, keys, strategies, steps, tips, discover, how to, ever wonder, simple, now, mistakes, improve, fast, techniques, bold and unheard of.
  3. E-mail your list consistently. Ideally, you should e-mail your list once a week. At a minimum, contact your business email marketing mailing list once a month. Send them a helpful article or tip if you do not have the resources to create a full e-mail newsletter or ezine.
  4. Include a specific call to action in each message without being pushy. If you don’t include a link to a product or service in your business email marketing, you’re really wasting your time and your reader’s time. You can give helpful information but also should link to something that allows your reader to invest further in your company.
  5. Grow your list to maximize your profits. Your e-mail signatures, business cards, website and all marketing materials should have a way for people to get a free gift from you and get on your e-mail list. You can grow your mailing list through live networking events, participating in message boards related to your industry and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t rely only on business email marketing especially if you’re just starting out in your industry. We all know that mega-players like Dan Kennedy and Ali Brown can sell very well through e-mail, but these successful marketers are the exception rather than the rule. While we all have the potential to become the next Dan Kennedy or Ali Brown, right now most of us still need to spend a lot of time on other aspects of marketing including postal mail and live networking events.

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