5 Reasons Why You Should Build an eCommerce Website in the Middle East in 2014


You may have a shop located in the busiest street of the city, selling clothes or technology products for hundreds of people. Or you might have a small store selling goods only for your neighborhood. In both cases, have you ever thought of expanding? Not in the terms of opening new branches but rather creating an eCommerce website and sell online for the Middle East and the world. How could this help your business? Well, here are the benefits of an eCommerce website.

Reach a wider market: An eCommerce website gives you the opportunity to sell your products internationally, and opens the door to 30 million online shoppers in the Middle East. In the past few years, online shopping has witnessed a significant growth when 7 billion $ were spent in 2011 against 9 Billion $ in 2012. Furthermore, this number is expected to reach 15 billion $ by next year (2015). So, you definitely shouldn’t ignore this huge opportunity.

Lower your cost: Creating an eCommerce website costs you less than a traditional store. The expenses of an offline shop include location rent, electricity bills, maintenance of equipment and other unforeseen charges. On the other hand, an online store will save on all those expenses. A web agency in the Middle East will charge you a one -time fee for the eCommerce website development. You can also resort to cost effective ready solutions, like Shopbuilder, which allow you to make your own eCommerce website within minutes, for as low as 75$/month. The charge of such website builders includes the creation of the online store, the integration with ePayment gateways, the updates and maintenance.

Offer an easier shopping experience: An online store helps your customers browse for items easier than in physical shops. An eCommerce website offers your customers the luxury to filter their searches, check the availability of a product and review feedbacks and comments of other shoppers. This feature affects positively the credibility of your shop which can result in an increase of sales. In addition, shoppers can surf your products in the comfort of their homes at any time of the day. In fact, statistics show that 87% of Internet users across the MENA region access the Internet from home. And more than 40% of users in the Middle East surf the net from their smartphones. So, building a mobile friendly eCommerce website (or m-commerce) would be an effective strategy.

Sell at any time: This is one of the greatest advantages; your business will be operating on a 24/7 basis, without extra costs. You will be able to sell your products or services and get paid with secured online payment solutions at any time of the day. Even though the region is still skeptical about digital payments, the future is looking bright. Studies show that digital payments are expected to increase from 20% to 40% by next year due to the security measurements e-payment solutions are applying to gain people’s trust.

Get more exposure: With more than 6 billion searches taking place on Google every day, the internet is considered today the number one tool used to find a product or service. So, having an eCommerce website optimized for search engines will give you a competitive advantage by connecting you directly to potential customers (learn about search engine optimization ). You can also benefit from the internet by making use of social media marketing strategies. Social networks are a great push for your online presence. Facebook, for example, allows you to advertise with a low cost for more than 20 million users in the Middle East.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider having your own eCommerce website to sell online. To start off well with your online store, we advise you to read more about the eCommerce industry in the Middle East and the promising opportunities it offers.

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