5 Online Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Potential Patient Enquiries


If you have decided that you need to keep up with online marketing tactics to win more patients, then you need to know which tactics to use. While the concept of online marketing can be a little overwhelming, you need to find a place to start. These tactics work best within the world of online marketing, and therefore make up some of the most effective and easiest to start with to get the word out on your cosmetic surgery clinic.

The best tactics to start with are:

1. Blogging
2. Auto-responders, building an email list and following up
3. Free reports
4. Online video
5. Basic SEO

This used to be viewed as a fun little thing that people did when they got bored. Nowadays blogging is the way to reach out to and communicate with potential and existing patients. This creates a substantial and lasting online presence. It also ensures that you can get a placement at the top of the search engine results when your keywords pop up, and this is how patients will pick your cosmetic practice when interested. You can use a blog to get your keywords out there on the web, and also reach out to patients who are interested and wish to share feedback. If you do good work, this could turn into real-time testimonials and that is tremendously valuable marketing by itself.

You may have heard of these, but aren’t really quite sure what they are or how to utilize them. These are tools that allow you to build an email list and easily communicate and repeatedly follow-up with those on it. You can utilize a set of standardized letters that you set up once and then can go back to as any other email list that you would use elsewhere. This is a great tool because it saves you time, and ultimately ensures that you can reach the people you want to quickly and effectively.

Offering Free Reports
We all love to get something for free. Though you may not think that anybody would have interest on a report on your cosmetic clinic, they will definitely read and this peaks their interest. Offer up to your readers and patients a report on something intriguing within your industry. Keep them informed and keep communicating with them, and they are sure to think of you when they have a need.

Online Video
This is one of the most important tools to use online for your business. You can refer to online videos for articles or pieces of interest to your client base. You can also create your own videos and place them online. This could be of you speaking to a procedure or something else pertinent that your patients will really care about. This video needs to get some mileage out of it and therefore you need to put it on your website and drive traffic to it to get views.

Basic SEO– Search Engine Optimization
Though often misunderstood, this is one of the most important tools to help you promote your cosmetic clinic business online. Here you will reach out to patients by properly marketing your website using “spiders” that crawl the Internet collecting useful information for search engines. You want to be part of the useful information that they pick up!

Many within this industry spend a great deal of money to have somebody create a fancy website for them. However if the website is not search engine optimized, then nobody will ever see it. You want to use a strategic approach to ensure that the fancy website that you have gets views and traffic, and that this in turn relates to actual business and money in your pocket. That’s what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about!

If you figure out the best ways to use the five online marketing tactics, your business will succeed. You will stand apart from your competitors, you will win over patients, and you will ultimately be profitable by reaching patients in the best way possible.

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