5 Marketing Tips For Getting Good Ecommerce Reviews


Ecommerce reviews are not limited to your website. A customer can give your company a good ecommerce review on your social media account. It is, therefore, important that you focus on social media as well as your ecommerce.

Social Media Marketing Tips And How A Customer Might Leave An Ecommerce Review

Social media is a very powerful tool for marketing your business so it is important that you take advantage of it. You can do this by inputting links to social media in your website, such as the homepage, product pages, customer reviews and the order confirmations. This means that the customer can share a product that they like or tell social media what they have just brought. This might make potential customers see this and, if they like that product, decide to go on your website as well. It is important to have social share links on your website because it will allow the customer to share the page on social media and write an ecommerce review about the product.

It is vital that you don’t use a huge amount of promotional posts. It is fine to occasionally talk about the latest sale or products but don’t bombard the customer with this information. Instead you could offer tips about the products or encourage discussions. You will still be marketing your business but not in such an obvious way which could put off potential customers.

Another marketing tip is not to be boring. You don’t want your account to be a load of text because the customer isn’t going to read an essay. Instead, add in some images or repost a photo that a customer has shared. This will show the customer that you read their posts and thought it was good, which will encourage them to add more posts.

You can also look at how well your social media accounts are doing. You can find out ‘the best times to post and what types of content get the best engagement’. This means that you can use this data to improve your social media account to make it a better marketing strategy.

You can also use social media to entice more customers to return to your website by telling customers about exclusive offers or promotions. This will encourage customers to return as instead of just telling them about the latest products, you are giving the customer the incentive to buy the product.

Once they have returned to your site, allow them space to air their thoughts. If you allow the option on your site, many customers will decide to leave an ecommerce review of your products or services.

Applying these tips will increase the number of customers deciding to post an ecommerce review you receive as you are providing the customer with a better shopping experience.

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