5 Important Questions and Answers on Article Marketing


When I met my friends who are doing online marketing, one of the hot topic for discussion is Traffic source. We normally keep the conversation open and just throw in as much ideas as we can for us to filter later on. Many traffic sources are topics for discussion, but the one that caught most of the attention is Article Marketing.

Just how good is article marketing in attracting traffic to your website? The answer is unique to each online marketers. The success of your article marketing efforts depends largely on the correct way of doing it.

You may find the questions very basic and perhaps reflects on how much knowledge we have on the subject.

Here are some of the key questions that came out from our discussion about Article Marketing;

1. Is it easy to do?

The easy way is the better one, of course. Like any other new lessons or new things you want to learn, we always have some degree of reservation. This is because we do not have enough knowledge on the subject yet. Once you have tried it yourself on how to do it, your questions will have some answers. Then you will find that it is not that difficult afterall. For me, it is easy.

2. Who has time to write articles?

Everyone is busy. This is something common to most humans on earth. Yes, who has the time to write articles? The truth is, you will never have the time to write articles if you do not assign time for it. Plain and simple. Yet many aspiring Article Marketers do not do the first step of writing their first article. This is an irony of the situation. But perhaps, we are just lazy to do things sometimes.

3. Where to post the articles?

This question is very crucial to the success of your Article Marketing campaign. You do not want to post your articles online where nobody can see them. You need a hosts with volumes of subscribers and visitors daily. When you do this, the likelihood of being seen and attracting traffic to your website is very high.

4. How it will attract Traffic to my websites?

This question seems to come from a newcomer to Article Marketing, but it is a very valid one. It is a good question, an interesting one indeed. In simple terms, it attracts traffic to your website once somebody read your articles and click the link to your website included in your articles. That simple.

5. How will I know if there is really traffic coming in?

Now we are getting somewhere. When you sign up somewhere online to host your articles, their system normally includes the statistics page for your article views. The traffic to your articles and to your website, is visible in there as well. The other way is to include tracking analytic codes to your website. These are easy ways to track your traffic coming from your Article Marketing.

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