5 Design Blunders in eCommerce That Can Deplete Your Sales


In today’s technologically progressive era, you are already aware of the fact that coming up with a website having intriguing design is crucial. However, you need to make sure that the website is user-friendly enough to offer your viewers and customers a remarkable shopping experience. With the help of plenty of web development platforms that are available in today’s market, devising an attractive website is easier but what about the silly mistakes that can possibly go wrong and affect your business sales figure? Here is a list of 5 design blunders in eCommerce that can deplete the sales figure. Go through it and try not to make these mistakes.

#1 Erroneous Product Descriptions

When people are buying products online from your site, providing error-free product description is essential. You need to understand that viewers are not able to see the products physically; they need to rely on the product descriptions that you are going to give on the website. But, there are certain times when online store owners make the mistakes of ignoring such crucial inclusion.

For instance, while handling an online store of apparel, Along with impressive product images, try to include decent product descriptions depicting the important facts such as manufacturing materials, size, whether available in other colours or not etc. Hence, be careful about providing misguided descriptions of products that can affect your sales.

#2 Lack of Proper Value Proposition

According to the conversion experts, if you fail to do proper value proposition of your products, the rate of product abandonment by the customers would increase. If you can’t distinguish the fact why you are different, why customers should choose you but not your competitors, you can’t possibly stand out in the crowd! Here are some persuasive tips on enhancing value proposition.

  • Add a headline with simple language why a particular product is worth buying. Do not misinterpret it as a slogan, it is more like a value promise.
  • Let the customers know why buying a particular product from you is the most doable choice!
  • Do not forget to mention social proof and added benefits like offered guarantees, free shipping etc.

#3 Lack of Proper Visual Hierarchy

If you place visual hierarchy in proper place of your website, it becomes easier for the viewers and customers to navigate it as the actions become recognizable. When you follow a proper visual hierarchy, clickable links become easily distinguishable from the unclickable base text. More importantly, to make this visual hierarchy more effective, you can abide by the rules of Fitt’s law. The key point is that do not make a website where all the information is available in a clumsy way, sort out the most crucial elements and highlight them so that viewers and customers can easily spot it.

#4 Not Using Quality Images

Using quality images of the products on the website is a vital aspect. You need to remember that based on the product images you would give, the customers are going to buy the products. They can’t even see the products, check the materials physically. They are going to trust the product images and the product descriptions. Hence, while uploading product images, be careful about the following things.

  • Use high-quality images. Use multiple images from different angles.
  • Use proper lighting. Do not over edit the images. If the customers find that the original products are nowhere near to the product images, they would abandon your site.

#5 Website Lacks in Trustworthy Look

This is beyond any doubt that today’s eCommerce business market is becoming very competing. Hence, if you want to stand out from the crowd and want customers to buy from your website while there are plenty of big brand names already there, you definitely have to push yourself more so that your site looks trustworthy. Your website needs to show that you can successfully deliver your promises along with your willingness. So, how to make its appearance more trustworthy? It is simple – make it using more customer-centric approach. Here are a few tips on how to enhance the trustworthy look.

  • Mentionable Press: Any mention of a recognizable press would work in your favour. Customers would know and believe that you are not any sham.
  • Customer Testimonials: Selecting and featuring the praise that your received from you customers would benefit your business prospects.

On the last words, you should consider testing of your site as an ongoing process. A thorough and vivid testing can always come up with some aspects to improve that can increase the conversation rate instead of depleting sales.

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