5 Critical Email Marketing Strategies


In this article I am going to share 5 strategies that are critical if you want to use email marketing successfully. One of the key advantages of email marketing over some other forms is that you are building up a relationship in a more normal way I.e. with short conversations over a period of time rather than blasting your potential customers with a prolonged monologue. Another advantage is that is virtually no cost and can be set up to run more or less automatically. So here are the 5 strategies I recommend in order to make the most out of your email list.

1. Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

This may be the most critical element as until you have established a rapport and good reputation with your subscribers they are unlikely to open emails just because they are from you. So your subject line needs to pique their interest and/or offer them some benefit or reward for taking time out of their busy lives to open and read your emails.

2. Keep it Short

Following on from my last point I suggest that you keep your emails concise. If your readers open your emails and see that it goes on and on they might read it but they are probably more likely to decide it’s not worth their time or that they will read it later when they have more time. Rarely do they have more time!

3. Deliver Great Content

Once you’ve got them to open your emails you need to keep their interest by giving them great quality content. This means giving them valuable information that will help them with a challenge that they really need to overcome or in some other way make their lives better. If you find that a lot of people are unsubscribing then the first thing you should review is the quality of your emails.

4. 2:1 Content to Sales Emails

As I’ve just mentioned you really need to provide them with high quality content and you need to give them content more often than you try to promote your products or services. Just imagine if a friend of yours was always trying to get you to do something for them every time you met them. You’d quickly start to avoid them, wouldn’t you?

5. Be Consistent

People become uncomfortable when you do things differently and that’s not what you want to happen with your list. So be consistent. Be consistent especially in when and how often your send out emails.

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