5 Best Video Marketing Tips and Techniques to Gain Five Stars From Viewers


Video Marketing

Video marketing being an economical technique of SEO search marketing yet many people simply ignore this amazing search optimization method. In past years video marketing has proved to be the most effective and evolving technique of search engine marketing to sharp and shape your overall online business promotion and strategy. With the launch of Google’s universal search back in 2007, optimizing your video has become equally important as optimizing your website’s content and pages for natural rankings.

Video marketing is where you associates yourself and the brand name. It is a few minutes of advertisement where you talk something very informative to your viewers regarding your products and services. For instance, if you are running a data recovery website then in those minutes you should be talking about the latest discoveries in the field of data recovery, tips on avoiding data loss, data loss remedies and then at last display your company and its product.

Although, internet marketing has no set in stone rules, but it is always better to present yourself in the best way to keep your viewers entertained, informed and updated.

5 Video Marketing Tips to Gain Five Stars from Your Viewers:

— Informative and Updating Videos:

In the video marketing the only way to sell your name and your product is by giving something valuable and adding your name at the end. So, information is the base here and standing on this base you speak about yourself. Therefore, always try to give that information that has the demand and the value. If you are in the stock market business then talk about the bearish and bullish trend and the possibilities of downfall of the market or talk about what bond is best to invest.

Even a website that sells Christmas gifts can make a video release for marketing point of view and give some idea to its viewers on the gifts that seems to rock this year. Even a small suggestion can do big to your business.

— Video Time Limit:

Actually, there is no time limit for video marketing but the main thing is to keep your viewers excited and enthusiastic. If you think your video and the information that you want to give is surely going to take more than twenty minutes then I think it’s perfectly fine until and unless your viewers are not bored and swearing.

Hence, perfect time length of your video should be estimated maintaining the excitement of your viewers and the weight of the information.

— Voice Clarity:

Voice clarity is something that you will find many video marketers are ignoring and most of them can be seen in the YouTube video tutorials. Your voice should be very clear while you explain or suggest your viewers because mind that audience are here to listen you and watch what you do and if you are not clear enough then everything you say or do is useless. Use loud and clear voice plus avoid sticking your microphone in your lips. Many people do this mistake and it simply irritates your audience.

You must have seen many YouTube tutorials where camera is focusing in the computer screen and the speaker is speaking yet breathing loud at the same time and you can hear nothing but the wind.

Sticking your microphone on your lips is not the solution but loud and clear voice is. If you think your voice cannot create charm then ask your friend or someone else who can go loud and clear because video marketing is something you don’t do every day. Hence, it’s better to find the alternatives rather than running your entire effort.

— Using Subtitles:

Your accent is something that you don’t find it faulty until you hear many others spell in a different ways. And today in the world of globalization, English is the only language of medium and no doubt even the people living in United States of American and United Kingdom has different accent and in the same way English and its pronunciation varies worldwide. But, when you launch a video there is no limit as the viewer can be from any part of the world.

So, what can be done to solve this issue? Subtitles are great resolver. Using subtitles in your videos can help people understand more easily even if your viewers are not comfortable with your accent. Therefore, it is always better to add subtitles in your videos as it works as a guide.

— Being Humorous:

Keeping your audience excited and maintain their interest level is not an easy job. If you are only talking about the subject then you might be making your viewers feel bore and lousy. So, to keep them fresh and listening it is always a good idea to crack some jokes. Your past school teacher can be a guide to you in this subject. Just think about a teacher who was funny and use to make you laugh in the middle of the conversation just to keep the class free from loads and lousiness.

It might not be easy but feeling free and comfortable can really help you. You are doing a video marketing so there is nothing to panic but it is obvious to be nervous first or the second time but as you keep going you will be feeling good and doing better.

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